30 September, 2010

lost & found

is her name.
and she is gorgeous.

she carries grace & elegance, 
and is ahead of her time... 

here she is, once lost
plain, forgotten and overlooked

and here she is, found

and she does it all effortlessly.
she simply walks into a room and all heads turn.

she is for sale.
you can find her in my etsy shop.
you will probably want to see 
more of her details....
remember, she doesn't even have 
to try hard to be stunning.

on a more personal note,
the sky sprinkled beautiful water
on my face yesterday afternoon.
it was lovely.
and the sky was gold and grey.
so wonderful...

and guess what else is wonderful?
jonathan and i are almost at our
one year anniversary !!!
{october 10th}
i cannot believe it has almost been a whole year.
we are celebrating a week early and heading down
to mexico 
{where he proposed to me}
for the entire weekend. we leave tomorrow. i'm so excited.
the best tacos on the entire planet, mexican coke,
beer, sunsets, ocean, spanish, 
second year of marriage goals & my best friend.
i'll try & take some photos when we're down there.

viva al matrimonio! 
{i think that is marriage in spanish.
i need to learn. put that on my goals for 
our second year of marriage}


28 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

so it has definitely been
way too hot the last
few days to work on
anything in our backyard...

i did get a great new 
poor man's gard[en] find
thanks to a friend 
who was on the lookout for me
{thanks emily!!}

here is miss flourette.
she's french.

i'm going to convert her into
a potting bench for some of our herbs
and plants.

i'm also going to add some succulents to 
the back support of the sofa.
i cannot wait to start working on her. 
just not today, please.

instead i'm going to work on 
 some fun projects for a dear friend's
wedding in a few weeks. 
and i will do this inside the house. thank you.
and i'm going to ship a piece to seattle, washington. 
man, i wish i lived in seattle right now...

and to just remind you of what
autumn weather should normally bring about,
i thought i'd share some fun finds with you...

imagine wearing & playing with these items.
in cool weather. while sipping hot apple
cider or chai tea.
near the fire.
with the rain lightly falling.
and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg.
i'm getting carried away...

so cheers to a great and not-so-hot tuesday.
at least not as hot as the last 
two days.
if you don't live in southern california
like i do, and you haven't been
paying attention to the news,
los angeles reached an all new 
record of 113 degrees yesterday.
highest temperature ever.
today is only supposed to reach 100. 
how cool & refreshing.


24 September, 2010


sophisticated joanie
is her name.

she is very elegant, polished 
and ahead of her time...
while remaining effortless & sweet.

here she is not quite revealing her


i found her in front of our neighbor's house.
who could get rid of this beauty?
i am constantly having to convince myself
i don't need her...
cannot wait for you to see
the found joanie.

have a lovely weekend.
my plans are to celebrate my sister-in-law's
birthday, eat good food, drink good beverage,
work & enjoy our little home.

see you tuesday!

23 September, 2010

lost & found

ooohhhh, today's feature
is so much fun.

his name is stevie
remember him?
he was a lost & forgotten
treasure. so sad. lonely stevie.

here he is, so lonely & lost 

this is why i named him stevie.

some sweet little boy outgrew him...
and he was thrown out. 
but i showed him love & restored him
back to life.
and now, he loves holding treasures
& supporting your feet or tray full of
warm beverage.

here he is, so very found 


he is very proud 
{or at least i am}
of his patina 
{his exterior finish}

i am so excited about this one.
so much that i had to convince 
myself i don't need him for my own
i would encourage you to check him out
in my etsy store to see more photos
and his interior. he has something
special inside...
you can go here.

how is today already thursday?
my days get away from me...
so many projects & work.
not to mention time with 
wonderful friends & family.


21 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

today's poor man's gard[en] 
features the inside garden
{our interior details...}

by special request
i have taken a few photos
of what is inside our 
kitchen cabinets
so, here we go...

we decided to stick to an all white
dish palette. our dishes consist
up of multiple white sets. 
all of our dishes are found from
thrift stores. honestly.
mr. amazing is a genius
at finding the best
items. in fact, nothing we 
own have we paid full price for.
{if you want some tips on how to find such amazing items, 
stay tuned. i will soon have a post featuring tips from jonathan himself.} 

oh, and in case you missed my previous kitchen post
our pantry

and, jonathan and i thought it would be
fun to share some gardening tips with my readers

starting a garden is honestly so rewarding
and super simple. you do not have to be 
a gardener or have a super green thumb...
just love for life & fresh herbs/produce.

some tips & things we have learned so far with 

1. use craigslist free for perfect finds
{such as discarded or unwanted plants or pots}
2. try & start your plants from seed. it is much
more enjoyable to watch the process.
3. get an idea of the type of lighting your
gardening area gets 
{morning sun, noon sun, afternoon sun}
4. knowing the type of lighting will help
you understand the type of plants you want
5. basil, mint, chives, oregano, sage & parsley
are the best herbs to start with. 
6. composting is ideal once you get the hang
of gardening. perfect for fertilizing your soil
and providing rich nutrients.
7. use an organic pesticide. jonathan has
found that mild organic dish soap
& water works great to keep bugs away.
8. cultivating your soil is key before you 
start planting  
9. find discounted plants & flowers
in the back section at your local
hardware store's garden center
{even if plants look dead, you would be
surprised with how a little water, new
soil & patience can bring something back to life} 
10. do not be afraid to trim plants. 
they love to be trimmed & will grow even faster.
sort of like hair....{right?}
11. make sure you enjoy your outdoor garden.
sit, read, drink wine, eat meals. 
even in the autumn weather.

we have plenty more tips & experiences
but that is a great start.
remember, even a few pots on your porch
can be a great start to a little garden.
i promise.

and then, you can eventually cook with
the herbs & produce you grew.

have a wonderful tuesday.
don't you feel like doing this all day?

i do. it is just one of those days...


17 September, 2010


today's [free]day 
is a good one.
and when i say good, i mean it.
my friend anna found the
absolute ugliest chairs i've ever seen
on the side of the road.
she is wanting to redeem these chairs
for her kitchen table.

here they are
{there are a total of three
nasty ones and four decent shape ones}

and, you probably don't think 
it can be done.
but just wait.
i've already got ideas brewing
& the vision for redemption.
this is actually my favorite
kind of project because 
most people would simply 
throw these out.
and we are going to give them a 
second life {or third or fourth}.
we are going to prove their 
chair worthiness.

on a more personal note, 
today is going to be a great day.
no work, grocery shopping, cooking,
gardening, eating, resting & time with my 
amazing husband. i mean, mr. amazing.
i recently purchased this adorable notepad
at anthropologie that helps you plan out
your weekly meals. so, of course, i needed it.
i mean, it helps you plan out meals.
who doesn't need help with that?
jonathan, on the other hand, thinks i am 
only planning out meals because i think 
the notepad is adorable. so what. 
maybe i am. but at least he's going to 
get healthy, delicious & inexpensive meals out of it.

and it's magnetic to put up on your
fridge. honestly. how perfect 
can planning weekly meals get?!

hope you enjoy your friday dear friends.
and your lovely weekend.


16 September, 2010

lost & found

this week's piece is the lovely
miss josephine
again, one of my favorites

here she is, quite lost

and here she is, wonderfully found

miss josephine is a flower child. 
she loves making flower wreaths 
for her dark brown hair, 
wears floral dresses & loves bob dylan.

i just get swept away to the seventies 
when i look at her. 

if you would like to enjoy 
more of her 
{and to see her fun floral-linen lined drawer}
you should visit her here.

enjoy your thursday lovely friends.


14 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

this past friday & saturday 
jonathan and i had time to work
on our lovely garden.
of course, mr. amazing 
worked even more and added some
exciting new herbs and vegetables.
and, he was given all of the seeds
from a lovely couple we met via 
craigslist free. 
now you know why i call him mr. amazing?!
here are a few photos of our new additions
to the garden

there are three different
types of peppers, zucchini,
tons of tomatoes, lavender,
& more basil. j planted them.
he's living up to his name.
he even used clothes pins
to label the seeds.
and the metal shelving unit
was trash to our neighbor. 
he was throwing it out so, of course,
we asked if we could take it. you know.
it's called the poor man's gard[en] 
for a reason.
here are a few more photos of
our backyard garden

and, we are on the second phase to our 
front yard!! we've torn out the
ugly juniper bushes 
{remember all six of them?!}
and are now beginning to prepare & cultivate
the soil for planting.

once we finish getting the soil ready 
we can move onto the third phase of our
front yard which is planting!!
and then, the final phase of 
the front yard, painting
the outside of the house. 
baby steps though.

for now, we enjoy the salvia
and other wonderful plants 
potted on our front porch.

i hope you are enjoying your tuesday.
it doesn't feel like tuesday to me
but then again my days 
have seemed off for a while.
when my life gets crazy
so do i...haha.


ps: mr. amazing and i are almost
at our one year anniversary.
any suggestions to what we should do?

10 September, 2010


it is [free]day today. 
my favorite day...

so, here she is

this piece was given to me by 
a beautiful woman who shares the same
passion for beautiful pieces & stories. 
cindee, thank you. 

mabel just needs a good refinishing 
& she'll be back to her golden days.

unfortunately, mabel will not be available
for purchase. she is far too precious to me {& cindee}.
but don't you worry, i have many good finds awaiting
their redemption. 
i have been amazed with these last few months.
so many sweet friends & followers have
contacted me about donations & special requests. 
i am so grateful. thank you thank you!

enjoy your weekend dear friends.