21 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

today's poor man's gard[en] 
features the inside garden
{our interior details...}

by special request
i have taken a few photos
of what is inside our 
kitchen cabinets
so, here we go...

we decided to stick to an all white
dish palette. our dishes consist
up of multiple white sets. 
all of our dishes are found from
thrift stores. honestly.
mr. amazing is a genius
at finding the best
items. in fact, nothing we 
own have we paid full price for.
{if you want some tips on how to find such amazing items, 
stay tuned. i will soon have a post featuring tips from jonathan himself.} 

oh, and in case you missed my previous kitchen post
our pantry

and, jonathan and i thought it would be
fun to share some gardening tips with my readers

starting a garden is honestly so rewarding
and super simple. you do not have to be 
a gardener or have a super green thumb...
just love for life & fresh herbs/produce.

some tips & things we have learned so far with 

1. use craigslist free for perfect finds
{such as discarded or unwanted plants or pots}
2. try & start your plants from seed. it is much
more enjoyable to watch the process.
3. get an idea of the type of lighting your
gardening area gets 
{morning sun, noon sun, afternoon sun}
4. knowing the type of lighting will help
you understand the type of plants you want
5. basil, mint, chives, oregano, sage & parsley
are the best herbs to start with. 
6. composting is ideal once you get the hang
of gardening. perfect for fertilizing your soil
and providing rich nutrients.
7. use an organic pesticide. jonathan has
found that mild organic dish soap
& water works great to keep bugs away.
8. cultivating your soil is key before you 
start planting  
9. find discounted plants & flowers
in the back section at your local
hardware store's garden center
{even if plants look dead, you would be
surprised with how a little water, new
soil & patience can bring something back to life} 
10. do not be afraid to trim plants. 
they love to be trimmed & will grow even faster.
sort of like hair....{right?}
11. make sure you enjoy your outdoor garden.
sit, read, drink wine, eat meals. 
even in the autumn weather.

we have plenty more tips & experiences
but that is a great start.
remember, even a few pots on your porch
can be a great start to a little garden.
i promise.

and then, you can eventually cook with
the herbs & produce you grew.

have a wonderful tuesday.
don't you feel like doing this all day?

i do. it is just one of those days...


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