06 December, 2011

disregarden has exciting news!!!!!

we have a new website!!!!!!!

you have all been SO patient with me these last six months + we have finally completed our lovely new look.

we are so excited about it. check out the entire website here.

and, for those of you who wish to continue following us, make sure you subscribe to the new blog on our new website. click here to head to the homepage. then click the "blog" link [in the top right corner] + voila! you're on the blog page. just put in your email to subscribe + you're set. 

or, if you don't want to subscribe but you just want to peruse through our new furniture items, rentals + styling shots, you can just go here: www.disregarden.com

we will no longer be posting here on blogger...

and stay tuned for some other exciting disregarden updates. you'll get to see what we have been doing the last few weeks...and, you might even get to win a special little gift...

jessica nicole