21 January, 2011


[free]day is my favorite...

my favorite days
are back as i am
getting ready to sell at
the flea market!

they are beauties.
found on the side of the road.

their names are
adele & claire
{they are inseparable}

(one photo, but two of them. 
they are identical as well) 

aren't they gorgeous?
i cannot wait to see
them freshened up.

most of the items i post
in these next few weeks
will be available to purchase
at the flea market near the
end of february...
details to come.

have an amazing weekend dear friends.
i am & will be in freezing
negative weather. in wisconsin. 
if you are in warm weather, 
soak it up for me.


20 January, 2011

a thursday update...

you will have to forgive
me sweet friends.
i did not post tuesday for
'poor man's gard{en}' 
and i do not have a piece
finished for today's 
'lost & found'


but i have definitely
been working hard.

mr. amazing and i 
went to the melrose trading post
last sunday to scope it out
and see if it will be a good
fit for disregard{en}.
i think we found the flea market
i'll be selling at. yay!
definite dates to come.

so remember how in this post
i wrote out a list of
things i needed to do before 
selling at the flea market?!
well, the list just keeps getting
longer. huh. wonder why....ha!

i have about six new pieces i am 
currently working on
tons of merchandise for the home.
so just hold on a little bit longer.
you won't be disappointed.
in fact, you will be rewarded
just remember to leave a little note
on what inspires you!

here is something that has inspired me 
for the day

from the lovely eyeful

hope you have a lovely thursday
my wonderful friends.


13 January, 2011

lost & found

today's feature
isn't really a new
but, i promised
you i would show you
beautiful mabel
(& her friend)
in her new home...

so here she is

she sits on my side of the bed

her friend sits on mr. amazing's side
of the bed

and there they are. perfectly
cozy against our wall of windows & drapes

our bedroom is a converted patio. yes, 
it is basically like camping. we can see
our breath during the winter. but just think,
one day we can look back and say 'remember when...'
and laugh. we're newlyweds. you can't have your dream
home right away...

hope you are enjoying your thursday 
dear friends.

oh, and i forgot to mention. 
i'm running 
(alongside mr. amazing and 
our beautiful cousin, tiffany) 
a HALF marathon
that is 13.1 miles. but i have until
september to train. 
so guess what i'm doing today?
running/walking/buying running shoes.

here's to a new year full of
health, balance, creativity, inspiration
and, of course, love.


12 January, 2011

poor man's gard[en] - belated

so it's a little belated.

but i have an exciting
poor man's gard{en}
project to show you.

my dad's house!

he hasn't lived in his home
in about twenty years.
and, three renters later,
it looks stuck in the late 70s 
and un-livable.

his main project right now is
the kitchen.

main goals:
1. inexpensive renovation/redecoration
2. masculine with a feminine touch 
(in other words, my dad doesn't know what he wants but he 
trusts me to create a livable and lovable space for him)
3. diy as much as possible

so, with that said
phase ONE of
my wonderful dad's

the horrible kitchen tile. which,
at this point, because of cost, must remain.

i know. but i promise i'll
figure out a way to keep your attention
away from the tile and blend it right in...

cement floor. wow.
because we would rather spend the money 
on other parts of the house, and we think
we can stain the cement and give it a great
patina, we are going inexpensive and skipping the tile.
you'll have to wait and see...

brown wood everywhere! why did the 70s
enjoy wood, brown, burnt orange, 
red, dark & no character?!

so, with a very small budget & our own hands,
we will make this kitchen feel much less
bland. maybe more like a 
retro - industrial - modern - chic look.
oh, and don't forget the masculine. of course, dad.

here is a little hint...

minus that hideously old microwave
(i am making my dad get rid of it. ugh!)

over the next few months my dad, mr. amazing
and i will be working on this kitchen.
and i cannot wait to show you the next phase!

hope you're having a lovely belated tuesday
(more like a wednesday. but still)


2011 so far...

hello friends!

2011 has arrived
 and i have so many ideas,
dreams, designs and creative
now i just need some motivation...

somehow over the last few months
i have felt slightly overwhelmed
with all of my potential projects.
and, because i am a perfectionist,
i hate working on something and
it not being 'perfect'. 
so instead of working on pieces,
i have not worked
on anything for disregard{en}.
too many ideas/dreams/visions/creations/expectations
and i freeze.

so, in order to get over myself 
(because i am pretty much the only
thing getting in my way at this point),
i am setting goals for myself.

this blog was my main goal for 
disregard{en} in 2010. go me.
but this year, my main goal 
is going to be...
 selling at flea markets!

so, as my friends, i am inviting
you on this second part of my journey.
i have primarily been selling
on etsy (and word-of-mouth)
but starting next month (eeeek),
i am going to be selling my items
with a few friends (and mr. amazing of course)
at the flea market (details to come).
but, in order to start selling, 
i have a lot to do. 
here is my checklist:

~ update my business cards
~ finish at least 5 more big pieces (seriously?!?)
~ figure out a tent/props for our selling area
~ apply for a resale license
~ figure out how to transport all of my pieces 
~ bake some cookies for the day of 
(because everyone needs a little 
refreshment while shopping, right?!)

those are the main things i need to get done right now.
there will be plenty more as i go.

and, because you are my friends
and i have invited you along,
i thought it might be fun for my wonderful
friends to have an incentive 
to encourage me along? 
(selfish? no. creative? yes.)

so, here is the scoop:

~ if you write me & tell me what 
inspires your creativity, 
i will send you a discount in the mail,
either 10% discount on disregard{en} items
 on etsy (not including shipping) or 1/3 off disregard{en} items 
sold at the flea market 

(seriously. and, don't forget to leave 
your mailing address with your comment.
 or you can email it to me at: offthestreetart@gmail.com 
for those of you outside 
california or in another country,
i will figure out some exciting & special deal.

all of the new pieces will be featured
at the flea market. (and, later, on etsy) so stay tuned!
and, i will update you on the location and date
of the flea market as soon as i figure out
details. it will be sometime next month.

hope you are enjoying your wednesday evening
dear friends.