13 January, 2011

lost & found

today's feature
isn't really a new
but, i promised
you i would show you
beautiful mabel
(& her friend)
in her new home...

so here she is

she sits on my side of the bed

her friend sits on mr. amazing's side
of the bed

and there they are. perfectly
cozy against our wall of windows & drapes

our bedroom is a converted patio. yes, 
it is basically like camping. we can see
our breath during the winter. but just think,
one day we can look back and say 'remember when...'
and laugh. we're newlyweds. you can't have your dream
home right away...

hope you are enjoying your thursday 
dear friends.

oh, and i forgot to mention. 
i'm running 
(alongside mr. amazing and 
our beautiful cousin, tiffany) 
a HALF marathon
that is 13.1 miles. but i have until
september to train. 
so guess what i'm doing today?
running/walking/buying running shoes.

here's to a new year full of
health, balance, creativity, inspiration
and, of course, love.


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