06 December, 2011

disregarden has exciting news!!!!!

we have a new website!!!!!!!

you have all been SO patient with me these last six months + we have finally completed our lovely new look.

we are so excited about it. check out the entire website here.

and, for those of you who wish to continue following us, make sure you subscribe to the new blog on our new website. click here to head to the homepage. then click the "blog" link [in the top right corner] + voila! you're on the blog page. just put in your email to subscribe + you're set. 

or, if you don't want to subscribe but you just want to peruse through our new furniture items, rentals + styling shots, you can just go here: www.disregarden.com

we will no longer be posting here on blogger...

and stay tuned for some other exciting disregarden updates. you'll get to see what we have been doing the last few weeks...and, you might even get to win a special little gift...

jessica nicole

26 November, 2011

holiday inspiration

i love the holiday season.

of course i love celebrating with family and eating delicious food. but honestly, i love making gifts and decorating. there is something about the holiday season that inspires creativity. ugh.

so, as i have been searching for inspiration, i thought i'd share  some of my finds with you. 

don't worry, i will make sure to take photos of the creations made...

isn't this lovely? just everything about it. 

[from saipua]

feathers. silver. gold. black. white. dark blue. woodsy. natural. glitter. deep red.


oh, and we started our holiday decor today, actually. we bought our christmas tree. i know. maybe it's a little early in your mind. but, i just love the holidays. 

i cannot wait to invite you into the holiday creativity + mess throughout the month of december. and, i'd love to see yours.

happy belated thanksgiving!

jessica nicole

ps: disregard[en] will be at melrose trading post tomorrow in west hollywood. come visit us near the melrose entrance! 

22 November, 2011

poor man's gard[en]

well, despite the rain, we somehow painted the front of our home.

it all started with a little gardening and quickly transitioned into painting...a spontaneous transformation.

i know we've been talking about it for almost two years now but we finally did it. probably because it was spontaneous. sometimes that is the only way to get things done.

and here are a few photos to give you a little preview. i didn't have time to take good photos (because of the rain) but i'll show you them soon.

poor man's gard[en] phase 4: painting the house

just to remind you what the house looked like before we began painting + landscaping...

phase 1

phase 2+3

and now, 

a little hint...

we are so glad the front is almost finished. haven't done the sides yet but at least it's a start. right?!

hope you enjoyed your rainy weekend + first few days of sunshine [if you are in southern california, that is]. i'll be around tomorrow for something fun...


10 November, 2011

lost+found, and a little bit more...

welp, i didn't fall off the face of the earth.

i had jury duty. and a bit of a a break. well, more like a 'what am i doing & where am i going' break. you know. a break that requires you to refocus and think through some things. yes. that kind.

so, now that i feel a bit more focused and rejuvenated, i have some things to show you...

but first, this week's lost+found

here is {miss abbie}


+ found

i know. i wanted to keep her. but, well, you know the rest. i don't have anymore room. 

and, the other fun news is, i received some wedding photos of the last two weddings i did. they are great.

here is a sneak peek. i'll show you the rest next week...



thanks for being so patient with me these last few weeks. i promise i'll be better at blogging and sharing with you. thanks for all of your love, support & interest along the way!


27 October, 2011

lost + found

well, this beauty is another favorite.

her name is {elsa} and she looked like this when she was


and now, with a little love and some color, she looks like this


and, lovely {elsa} is going to be at the Green Festival this coming weekend in the Los Angeles Convention Center. the Green Festival, in case you don't know (don't worry, i didn't until recently), is a project for green america and global exchange. they are pretty great. you should check them out here. and, i am honored to be featured in HubLA's booth. if you don't know who they are, you should definitely check them out. they are wonderful. go here

so this weekend in los angeles. lovely {elsa}, some fun trunks, some chalkboards... the normal disregard{en} loveliness. i'll try and take some photos!

hope you have a spectacular weekend!

jessica nicole

26 October, 2011

{i.e.}: a good reminder

sometimes this is easier said than done. but it's still good to be reminded. 

i am content with today...


20 October, 2011


this is {axel}

he loves to entertain and make a space look oh so mid-century. he's great at it, too.

once lost

very found

isn't he perfect? he just needed some new hardware and a quick paint job. not too much. 

he's already entertaining and keeping someone else company in his new home but if you are looking for anything close to {axel} feel free to email me. i am sure he has brothers or at least distant relatives...

happy thursday evening friends.

jessica nicole