26 November, 2011

holiday inspiration

i love the holiday season.

of course i love celebrating with family and eating delicious food. but honestly, i love making gifts and decorating. there is something about the holiday season that inspires creativity. ugh.

so, as i have been searching for inspiration, i thought i'd share  some of my finds with you. 

don't worry, i will make sure to take photos of the creations made...

isn't this lovely? just everything about it. 

[from saipua]

feathers. silver. gold. black. white. dark blue. woodsy. natural. glitter. deep red.


oh, and we started our holiday decor today, actually. we bought our christmas tree. i know. maybe it's a little early in your mind. but, i just love the holidays. 

i cannot wait to invite you into the holiday creativity + mess throughout the month of december. and, i'd love to see yours.

happy belated thanksgiving!

jessica nicole

ps: disregard[en] will be at melrose trading post tomorrow in west hollywood. come visit us near the melrose entrance! 

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