29 July, 2011


the everette 
no. 2


the mister and missus
no. 2

disregard{en} is now 
featuring new
lines of furniture

if a piece is similar to a previous
one, it gets to be part of that little family

two of these new lines are

you wait and see. 
it is going to be so fun.

speaking of fun, i am SO
excited (and ready)
for our TWO week vacation!!!
yes. newport beach, temecula & then...
portland (& possibly seattle).
driving. oh, driving.
but i need a retreat.
and rest.
and yummy food and lovely friends & family.
and some good drinks.

i'll try and blog here and there
but if i miss a day....
you know why.

much much love to you all.
i so appreciate you for your constant
support and anticipation of what
comes next for disregard{en}
can't wait to share it with you!


28 July, 2011


here are two sneak peeks
of pieces i finished
for some lovely
but can't wait to show you the
entire piece soon!


now found



have a relaxing and lovely
summer thursday evening.


27 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en} - belated

one day late.
that's all.
but look at those tomatoes 
and our grapevines!!

i've been busy over here
gathering up some items
for the weddings i'm styling in 
these upcoming months,
working on a few custom items
(which you might just get a sneak peak of tomorrow)
dreaming up some new business ventures
for disregard{en}.
cannot wait to share as things progress
a bit more.
oh, and preparing for our weeklong vacation
coming up on saturday. 

hope you have had a wonderful
week so far.


22 July, 2011


and, here is today's

both of these are for 
some lovely clients.
i love doing custom orders.




happy happy friday!
i hope you have a lovely weekend.
mr. amazing and i are going out on a date tonight,
have our cousin's birthday party saturday, 
and are going to see
les mis with his family. 
so excited.


lost&found - a day late

i'm a day late in blogging.
that's what happens when i
get carried away with painting...
thanks for your patience.
it just means you get two blogs
in one day.
it must be a good day...

and, because i have a few custom
orders i am working on,
i haven't had a chance to work on 
chester from last friday's {free}day
for this week's lost&found.

so, in lieu of a chester,
i thought i would share some fabulous finds
for some upcoming weddings i'm stying.
and yes, mr. amazing did it again.
he found them all. 

(i think i have a total of seven globes..i know)

but i found these. i am so proud:

(part of an old hotel mailbox)

aren't they lovely?
i'm super excited to style with them
in the next few months.

have a wonderful friday afternoon.
stay tuned later this evening for 
aren't you lucky?! 
two posts in one day.


19 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

it's poor man's garden.
at ten o'clock in the evening.
today was a full day.

we had so much fun at
melrose trading post
this past sunday.
met some new friends, sold pieces
to some great new clients
and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.

but i'm exhausted.
on numerous fronts.
so i treated myself to a new outfit today.
it was necessary.

but back to why i am blogging.
here are some photos of this past sunday.

fun, huh?
and we love selling with our friends,
aaron & jen, who own vintage homegrown.
check them out. they are AMAZING.
they make the coolest pieces out of
reclaimed wood -- like tables, and
light fixtures, and jewelry.

i hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable
looking forward to showing you some new pieces
this week
sharing disregard{en}'s new look
in the next few weeks.
lots of changes going on here 
& i'm super excited.

happy tuesday.

15 July, 2011


i am so tirrreeeeddddd
 but harry potter, you were so worth it.

proof of our amazing night
(sorry, it's the only group shot.
ps: thanks julie for the photo)

the night consisted of
orange colored hair paint,
spatula & toothpicks for wands,
shallots (for my earrings - i couldn't
find radishes to complete my luna outfit),
a human size marauders map & a fur coat for lucius
to name a few.

i know. we are crazy. but it all ended.
you have to end strong.

and, it was our last night before
carmageddon as well. like i said, end strong.

okay, back to disregard{en}.

just one special piece:


he's going to be great.

hope you have a faaabulous weekend.
disregard{en} will be at melrose
trading post this sunday.
if you are local, take advantage of it.
especially if it helps you avoid
crazy carmageddon.

oh, & if you want some help with
creative solutions to staying
local this weekend in los angeles,
i found this fun & helpful. click here.

happy friday night!!!
see you early next week!


14 July, 2011


last week's
is this today's


now, found


{french sisters, 
identical of course}

now, found

i love them all.
jumelles actually sold already
to a lovely client
trudy is available at 
this sunday's
melrose trading post!!!

mr. amazing and i are heading back home
from our family vacation
 to put our harry potter
costumes on for the midnight premier 
this evening.

photos to come.
hope you have a wonderful thursday evening.


12 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en} & a little vacation

this last weekend of vacation
up to tahoe & san francisco
has definitely made me feel
slightly out of it. what day is it?!

it's already tuesday? 
it feels like saturday.
maybe friday.

well, i have some photos to share with you
of our trip up north.
disregard{en} is going to be
bringing beauty to a wedding
up in tahoe in september
so we did some
pre-wedding planning & dreaming.
the sight is stunning & the style is going
to be fabulous.
and flowers from san francisco are
going to be perfect!

here are some photos of the beauty
and fun we got to experience on our trip.

i cannot WAIT to go back in September!!!

on the 395 
our morning view in tahoe. amazing.
some waterfalls. 
enough said. 
the ceiling at suppenkuche - a restaurant with 
yummy german food in san fran
the palace of fine arts in san fran

we found our way from tahoe to sacramento to san francisco
over 1000 miles, amazing coffee & food, gorgeous views, 
lovely friends and creativity. it was a perfect

oh, and
mr. amazing and i are going to be in newport
with his parents for the next few days for another vacation.
but don't worry, i'll work a little bit...

hope you had a wonderful weekend.
can't wait to show you some new work 
in the next few days!!!


08 July, 2011


happy friday!!!!

here is a new piece
mr amazing has
found in the last few weeks...




i LOVE these pieces.
they are already finished
and i cannot WAIT to show you next week.

mr. amazing and i are 
heading up to san francisco & tahoe
with our friends for the weekend.

i will make sure to take some photos
of our restful and eventful weekend


07 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en} - belated

disregard{en} sold
at two different markets 
this past weekend.
the sunset junction in silverlake
the wonderful melrose trading post

if you didn't get a chance
to visit at either,
here are some photos
of disregard{en}'s
traveling shops.
it's the traveling 
poor man's gard{en}
get it?!

sunset junction


melrose trading post

both days were extremely hot but 
wonderful. we got to connect with great friends
and made some lovely new ones!

thanks for your patience this week
while i recovered from
quite an exhausting few days.
i think i'm almost 100% myself.
and i don't think i want to do back to back
sales very often. 
one per weekend is enough for me.

love to you again!



hello hello!
it is already thursday!??!
where did my week go?

it went so quickly i forgot
to post photos on tuesday for poor man's gard{en}
& from this past weekend's
flea markets


i'll make sure to post a few photos
after this post.

this week's
lost & found

dearest darcy

and found

mister gene

and now found

aren't they loverly?!

darcy is still available
but gene was definitely a catch
this past weekend.
he found the perfect home.

i hope you had a wonderful fourth
and a fabulous week so far.

mr. amazing and i are recovering 
from an insane weekend
of selling
and celebrating.
summer is always full of friends
and parties and fun and love.

i'll post some photos from the past
weekend next.