10 February, 2011


i cannot believe it is already
there is still so much to get ready 
for the flea market in two weeks...

but i have finished a few pieces
and cannot wait to show them to my 
wonderful friends.

here are three new 
'lost & founds'

remember beautiful 

she was once hidden
and forgotten.
very lost

and is now vibrant and the center
of attention.
and very very found.

she loves to bring life to any room.

remember little miss 

she was once left on the side of the road
rather worn in.
very lost.

and now she loves to play dress up,
read books and sit at a table
to make art with wonderful children.
so found.

mister and missus
they are the perfect fit.
both were once slightly 

and now wonderfully 

they love to store treasures
alongside your bed or sofa.
and bring life to any room.

don't you just love 
seeing the transformation
of each piece?

i love it.

and, i love you all.
and appreciate you very much.

the pieces featured today will
be for sale at the melrose trading post
(flea market)
in two weeks.
ah again!

have a wonderful thursday


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