25 February, 2011

my first flea market

i promised you i would show you
photos from this past sunday's
flea market
at the melrose trading post.

it was such an amazing experience.
and, for my first time, i did extremely well.
at this point i think i'll be selling
once a month.
maybe one day i'll have more hours
in the day and will be able to 
focus solely on disregard{en}.
but once a month is great for now.

okay, so back to photos...
 i was so privileged to have
my sweet friend jenny
help me set up and take photos
of my little shop. 
she is an amazing and creative friend
who is great at empowering
others to pursue their passion.
hence, her presence at the flea market.
i just love her. check her 
website out here.

okay okay, so the photos

these necklaces are my friend, jen's
she and her husband
sold some of their stuff alongside us.
check out their business here.

pretty much the best day ever.
well, not ever. but it was up there...

i am planning on selling again in march.
and, i will let you know details as soon as i
figure out when.

thank you to all who came out and supported me.
it meant so so much.
and for those of you who couldn't make it,
thank you for your support via
i feel so loved.

love to you all.



and today i have 
two pieces to feature



lady odette

these two are perfect.
you wait and see...

hope you have a great friday
and wonderful weekend! 

i'm going to be in indianapolis
judging a show choir competition.
yes, show choir.

and, when i get back
i have much to get done.
so many finds
and inquiries to work on.
cannot wait to show you
and share with you!!


24 February, 2011


hello friends!
thursday is here.
how did that happen??

well, since it is thursday,
that means

here are a few pieces
i finished for last sunday's
flea market

here is
very lost

and now, so wonderfully 

(this photo isn't the greatest. you can't see details.
 it was pouring
rain the day i took it. stay tuned for 
better photos...)




sadly, marjorie is not for sale any longer.
she was quite popular at the flea 
market this last sunday.
but she did go to a beautiful couple. 
who we have now befriended.
i like flea markets. you meet great people.

gloria is still available.
i think she is actually going to be
adjusted a bit & made more into a desk.
i am going to take more photos of her
and list her on etsy when she is fully

and, flea market photos are on their way.
i apologize for the delay. but it will make
it that much more exciting to see them, right?
oh the anticipation.

speaking of anticipation.
disregard{en} has really started to
shape into my expectations (and more) this week.
thank you to all of you for your support,
encouragement and excitement.
it means the world to me.
i cannot wait to share with you 
some of the new opportunities.
and, of course, i cannot wait to share 
with you more of my new finds.

stay tuned for tomorrow's {free}day.
i might even post a second free find!

i hope you have an amazing thursday
dear friends.


22 February, 2011

a quick peek...

so i lived through 
my first flea
it went amazingly well!
i was astounded with the turn-out,
the interest in my pieces and
the sweet people roaming
around the flea market on a sunday.
i made so many great connections,
handed out tons of business cards, &
have already had quite a few inquiries...
now i just need to find more time in my day
to actually do this full time. 

i have to give a huge huge thanks to my
encouraging, helpful, strong and hot husband
jonathan. i honestly would not have been
able to lift the pieces into the moving truck. 
especially four times in one day.
and i couldn't have been nearly as
smooth in my selling. he is tall and handsome.
and great at conversing with strangers.
everyone loved him. 
and i love him.

and a huge thanks to everyone who
came out and visited me and supported me
and loved me and made me smile.

jenny mavity, a dear friend, came early
and helped us unload. and then took some
great photos (she is an amazing photographer).
so, i will be posting some photos of 
my booth within the next few days.
(thank you miss jenny)

but i did manage to take some
quick shots with my iphone.
i thought i would give you a quick
peek at the items i sold in 
my little flea market shop.

i had to head downtown to get fresh flowers.
they bring so much life.

i hope you enjoyed your weekend. 
i am taking a little break
before jumping back in to
painting, creating, finding and
preparing for the next flea market.
dates and times to come.

jonathan and i are a little 
pizza and beer for dinner
(after two very long days of work
following the flea market)
sounds nice.
we deserve it...

see you thursday.
i have some exciting pieces to show you.


18 February, 2011


i almost forgot it was friday!
which means
it is

with the craziness of getting
things ready for the flea 
market, i somehow forgot it was friday.
all i know is that it is not sunday.

so here is this week's
free piece


she is u-g-l-y
70s/80's fabric and all.

i picked her up
when we got our christmas tree
this past december
with our dear friends
aaron and julie.
she was on the side of the road.
left for the trash.
i know, understandable.
but just you wait.
she'll be stunning and ready 
for someone's home.

if you don't believe me,
come see for yourself on sunday.
she'll be waiting to prove you wrong...

hope you had a great week.
my week was insane. good. but insane.
consisted of painting, organizing, 
sneezing, working, cleaning, 
printing, crafting, not sleeping,
loving (my friend caitlyn flew out from england
and i got to see her for a little bit. the best), 
oh and maybe some stressing. 
but it will all be worth it.

cannot wait to see you sunday.
and if you can't make it, i'll have
photos to show later.


17 February, 2011


today's post
two new additions 
to the disregard{en}

remember madame flora and miss viola 
from last week's

well, here they are

madame flora

and now

miss viola

and now

this photo is not clear
but miss viola
has a soft pink frame.
she is so romantic.

both of these items will be available 
to purchase at the 
melrose trading post
this coming sunday, february 20th
from 9am-5pm.

hope you enjoy your thursday!