18 February, 2011


i almost forgot it was friday!
which means
it is

with the craziness of getting
things ready for the flea 
market, i somehow forgot it was friday.
all i know is that it is not sunday.

so here is this week's
free piece


she is u-g-l-y
70s/80's fabric and all.

i picked her up
when we got our christmas tree
this past december
with our dear friends
aaron and julie.
she was on the side of the road.
left for the trash.
i know, understandable.
but just you wait.
she'll be stunning and ready 
for someone's home.

if you don't believe me,
come see for yourself on sunday.
she'll be waiting to prove you wrong...

hope you had a great week.
my week was insane. good. but insane.
consisted of painting, organizing, 
sneezing, working, cleaning, 
printing, crafting, not sleeping,
loving (my friend caitlyn flew out from england
and i got to see her for a little bit. the best), 
oh and maybe some stressing. 
but it will all be worth it.

cannot wait to see you sunday.
and if you can't make it, i'll have
photos to show later.



caitlyn st john said...

sooooooo excited for your debut at the flea market. look out world, jessica nicole taylor is going to make you want to spend all your money.

i dont feel bad what-so-ever about taking up your time so that you stressed more. it was an amazing day :)

Briana said...

what a beauty marjorie is! i can't wait to see the final product :)