22 February, 2011

a quick peek...

so i lived through 
my first flea
it went amazingly well!
i was astounded with the turn-out,
the interest in my pieces and
the sweet people roaming
around the flea market on a sunday.
i made so many great connections,
handed out tons of business cards, &
have already had quite a few inquiries...
now i just need to find more time in my day
to actually do this full time. 

i have to give a huge huge thanks to my
encouraging, helpful, strong and hot husband
jonathan. i honestly would not have been
able to lift the pieces into the moving truck. 
especially four times in one day.
and i couldn't have been nearly as
smooth in my selling. he is tall and handsome.
and great at conversing with strangers.
everyone loved him. 
and i love him.

and a huge thanks to everyone who
came out and visited me and supported me
and loved me and made me smile.

jenny mavity, a dear friend, came early
and helped us unload. and then took some
great photos (she is an amazing photographer).
so, i will be posting some photos of 
my booth within the next few days.
(thank you miss jenny)

but i did manage to take some
quick shots with my iphone.
i thought i would give you a quick
peek at the items i sold in 
my little flea market shop.

i had to head downtown to get fresh flowers.
they bring so much life.

i hope you enjoyed your weekend. 
i am taking a little break
before jumping back in to
painting, creating, finding and
preparing for the next flea market.
dates and times to come.

jonathan and i are a little 
pizza and beer for dinner
(after two very long days of work
following the flea market)
sounds nice.
we deserve it...

see you thursday.
i have some exciting pieces to show you.


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