31 March, 2011


how is it thursday already?
i guess it is almost friday
now that i look at the time...

well, today didn't turn out
exactly how i planned.
i ended up having 
a teeny tiny surgery 
(& got three stitches)
so i couldn't work on any
pieces today.
(don't worry, i just
got a mole removed. i know.
i am very brave. & i am sure
you really wanted to know. ha)

thankfully, i had other things to do
and worked inside today.
but, it was so gorgeous outside
i wish i could have painted and sanded...

well, these four pieces
were last week's {free}day.
this week, they are found.
and lovely.


and found

ms. addie



and found



i love them.
all four.
and, two of them found a home
last sunday at the melrose
trading post.
murrie and margaret are still 
available though.
if you are wanting either,
go to my etsy shop. or email me
at disregardener@gmail.com

hope you had a lovely (and warm)
can't wait to show you some new
free finds tomorrow.

good night sweet friends.

29 March, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

the sun has finally decided
to show itself again.
which means gardening
can now begin.

but since the sun
hid last week,
mr. amazing and i 
did not get a chance
to work on our little garden.

 we did get to sell
at the flea market
this past sunday.
there was a heavy drizzle
(more like light rain)
in the morning but it finally
(and thankfully)
cleared up around noon.
and we had so much fun.
we made some new friends
and great connections,
drank horchata,
listened to music
and got some sun.

here are some photos 
to share with those of you who
couldn't stop by

 and, disregard{en} is now
officially a
regular vendor
at the melrose trading post!!
come visit us
every third sunday of the month!!!!

hope you enjoyed your tuesday lovely 


25 March, 2011


phew. today has been an
insane day.
not horrible. just crazy.
there is always more to do
than you anticipate.

well, in the midst
of a super full day,
i couldn't forget 
this week's

these pieces are technically
already made new and loved on.
but they are new finds,

here they are. 


{ms. addie}



come see the finished version of each piece
 at the melrose trading post
this sunday, march 27th.

we'll be there all day.
with music, smiles and some
(from one of the food vendors. not us. 
there is not enough time to make horchata.
at least not this time around. ha.)

have a wonderful weekend friends.
i hope to see you all on sunday.
if not, i will definitely see
you early next week.


24 March, 2011


i have somehow
managed to get work done
despite the rain. 
i'm getting clever 
with the space my creative studio
 (aka my garage)
you should see the space.
full of over forty pieces. some
finished, some halfway, & others
still lost.
i know, forty.
not including the fact 
that our garage is also
our laundry room,
pseudo dart room, & storage space
for our stuff (including a piano).
so imagine tiny little me painting
and sanding away under the roof of my
garage while it is pouring rain.
i know.
i am a determined woman.
i will have each and every piece done
and ready to sell this sunday...

two weeks ago 
(when it wasn't raining)
i had a chance to finish these beauties.
they were last week's
now, they are 

{miss elsie}

now found

{ms. joie}

now found


now found

aren't they lovely??
they will be available to purchase
at the melrose trading post
this coming sunday, march 27th.
information here.

hope you enjoyed a fabulous thursday friends.
tomorrow is friday!!!!

see you for {free}day.
good night.


23 March, 2011

a {rain}y garden...

i thought i would at least say
hello to my wonderful
and lovely friends 
in blogland.

i apologize for my
lack of blogging
the rain has made it quite
difficult to garden
and take photos.
the rain has also made it
difficult to paint
some new pieces.

i do like the rain 
and the new life it brings.
i love how it cleans the air
and how it nourishes the soil.
but i don't like the timing of it.
and i don't like that it doesn't
work around my schedule.

i am selling at the melrose
trading post again
this coming sunday, march 27th!
so, the timing of the rain
could not be worse.
although, i do have to say, i would
rather it rain now and not sunday...
so, if you are free sunday at any point
between 9am-5pm, you should stop by!
disregard{en} will be selling quite a 
few pieces {over thirty!}
and you might find the perfect
piece for springtime. or for your new room.
or for your best friend. 
or you can just come by and say 'hello!'

click on this
and download a coupon
{at the bottom of the website} 
to get into the melrose trading post
for only $1. 
yes, it's an inexpensive 
thing to do on a sunny sunday afternoon.

hope your wednesday evening is lovely.
see you tomorrow with 
some 'found' pieces!


18 March, 2011


it's {freeeee}day
friday friday friday

i don't know where this week has
gone but it is almost the weekend
and that is crazy.

here are a few new finds
cannot wait to show you
their true beauty...

{miss elsie}

{ms. joie}


they are perfect. 
even before 
a little disregard{en} lovin'.

mr. amazing and i are heading
up to lake arrowhead with
his wonderful family this weekend.
snow, food, games and love. yay.

hope you enjoy your lovely friday
and i will see you early next week.


17 March, 2011


happy st patrick's day
happy lost&found day

remember last week's {free}day?
well, the three pieces are 

here they are

very lost

and found

a little lost


lost lost lost

and found

the last one is my favorite
and my first wallpaper attempt.

these pieces will be available to 
purchase at my next flea market
attempt: march 27th.
let's just hope it doesn't rain...

i hope you have a wonderful 
thursday evening.
drink some beer and eat some good food.
but be safe.

i think i am going to drink a 
beer while i finish  
a few more pieces.
i know.
multi-tasking, right?


11 March, 2011


it's another

mr amazing and i have
been on the lookout for
some great finds.
and we have not been disappointed.
i am so excited to show you.

here are a few




don't you just love them?
they have great potential.

and stay tuned for more next week.
i'll be posting recent pieces
that will be sold 
at the melrose trading post
march 27th.

have a wonderful weekend my dear friends.
remember, if you have time on saturday,
you should go to lovely jubilee's
launch party. it is going to be superb.
check out more info here.
disregard{en} will be showing off 
some new pieces...

love love love