29 March, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

the sun has finally decided
to show itself again.
which means gardening
can now begin.

but since the sun
hid last week,
mr. amazing and i 
did not get a chance
to work on our little garden.

 we did get to sell
at the flea market
this past sunday.
there was a heavy drizzle
(more like light rain)
in the morning but it finally
(and thankfully)
cleared up around noon.
and we had so much fun.
we made some new friends
and great connections,
drank horchata,
listened to music
and got some sun.

here are some photos 
to share with those of you who
couldn't stop by

 and, disregard{en} is now
officially a
regular vendor
at the melrose trading post!!
come visit us
every third sunday of the month!!!!

hope you enjoyed your tuesday lovely 


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