25 March, 2011


phew. today has been an
insane day.
not horrible. just crazy.
there is always more to do
than you anticipate.

well, in the midst
of a super full day,
i couldn't forget 
this week's

these pieces are technically
already made new and loved on.
but they are new finds,

here they are. 


{ms. addie}



come see the finished version of each piece
 at the melrose trading post
this sunday, march 27th.

we'll be there all day.
with music, smiles and some
(from one of the food vendors. not us. 
there is not enough time to make horchata.
at least not this time around. ha.)

have a wonderful weekend friends.
i hope to see you all on sunday.
if not, i will definitely see
you early next week.



The Needle and the Handsaw said...

i didn't make it to Melrose...would love to see the end results...

jessica nicole said...

oh, i'm so excited you already see the potential :O) i will definitely be posting their 'found' photos and the end results this coming freeday!