24 March, 2011


i have somehow
managed to get work done
despite the rain. 
i'm getting clever 
with the space my creative studio
 (aka my garage)
you should see the space.
full of over forty pieces. some
finished, some halfway, & others
still lost.
i know, forty.
not including the fact 
that our garage is also
our laundry room,
pseudo dart room, & storage space
for our stuff (including a piano).
so imagine tiny little me painting
and sanding away under the roof of my
garage while it is pouring rain.
i know.
i am a determined woman.
i will have each and every piece done
and ready to sell this sunday...

two weeks ago 
(when it wasn't raining)
i had a chance to finish these beauties.
they were last week's
now, they are 

{miss elsie}

now found

{ms. joie}

now found


now found

aren't they lovely??
they will be available to purchase
at the melrose trading post
this coming sunday, march 27th.
information here.

hope you enjoyed a fabulous thursday friends.
tomorrow is friday!!!!

see you for {free}day.
good night.



Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

these are all super fabulous, wow!!

jessica nicole said...

thank you sarah :O)

Diane said...

wow! They are gorgeous!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

they are all beautiful! you are very talented and choose great colors!

jessica nicole said...

Thank you Diane & Cassie! I feel honored you all like them :O)