23 March, 2011

a {rain}y garden...

i thought i would at least say
hello to my wonderful
and lovely friends 
in blogland.

i apologize for my
lack of blogging
the rain has made it quite
difficult to garden
and take photos.
the rain has also made it
difficult to paint
some new pieces.

i do like the rain 
and the new life it brings.
i love how it cleans the air
and how it nourishes the soil.
but i don't like the timing of it.
and i don't like that it doesn't
work around my schedule.

i am selling at the melrose
trading post again
this coming sunday, march 27th!
so, the timing of the rain
could not be worse.
although, i do have to say, i would
rather it rain now and not sunday...
so, if you are free sunday at any point
between 9am-5pm, you should stop by!
disregard{en} will be selling quite a 
few pieces {over thirty!}
and you might find the perfect
piece for springtime. or for your new room.
or for your best friend. 
or you can just come by and say 'hello!'

click on this
and download a coupon
{at the bottom of the website} 
to get into the melrose trading post
for only $1. 
yes, it's an inexpensive 
thing to do on a sunny sunday afternoon.

hope your wednesday evening is lovely.
see you tomorrow with 
some 'found' pieces!


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