31 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

so we found some time this weekend 
to work on our front yard!

what phase is this?
i think three.

remember what it looked like
in the other two phases:

with those nasty hedges

and then after we took out those nasty hedges.

except, mr. amazing and i learned the hard way.
somehow, the grass and weeds seemed to
grow really fast and before long, it looked like
this again.

so basically, we had to pull all
the weeds again before we could
tear out the roots & stumps, and till 
the soil.

but mr. amazing really lives up to his name.
and we somehow managed to get complete the prep work within
about three hours. 

and finally planted our plants!
now, our phase three looks like this: 

(these pictures don't do our hard work justice)


things are not always perfect.
and, to prove my point,
look here

see that muddy hole? yeah. 
somehow we seemed to dig up this
corroded metal pipe 

which honestly
wasn't part of the new sprinkler system
but still managed to cause some caving.
we just have to fix that. oops.

but other than that, our
poor man's gard{en}: phase three
is complete!! 
phase four is going to consist of painting
the outside of the house!!!!
(and maybe adding a few more plants here and there)

it is so rewarding to work hard 
and see your progress.
i love it.

oh, and i should mention we did all
of this for a couple hundred dollars!
i know. discount plants & craigslist free.
i'm proud of us...

i hope you enjoyed your three day weekend!


27 May, 2011


hello friends!

today's free pieces are
super great.

check them out...

the classiest magazine holder. ever.


the perfect companion to 
your sofa or bed or reading chair

mr. amazing and i are gardening,
painting & welcoming a dear friend back 
into the states 
this weekend. oh, and an early
birthday celebration on 
memorial day with family.
cannot wait for yummy food and happiness.
 photos of the progress
on our little home
and maybe even some of our food,
early next week.

have a wonderful weekend with people
you love.


26 May, 2011


this week's beautified piece

monsieur georges

he started off like this

and ended up looking
fabulously strapping, 
and stripe-ing (get it?!).
and found

i think i'm going through
 a stripe phase.
i just love them.

and, i have been working on 
some new pieces today.
i cannot wait to show you the end result.
there are stripes involved.

have a perfectly wonderful thursday.
i hope you are inspired today.


24 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

i need more inspiration today.
so i thought today's
post can be just that...

our hard work in our little garden
(outdoors AND indoors)
has been worth it.

and, i thought i would share with you
some new finds i have purchased
for my dad's house.

remember how we remodeled his kitchen a
few months back?
it is featured in this 
poor man's gard{en} here.

well, now, i am slowly
furnishing his living room 
and dining room with {almost} free finds.
here are some lost photos of the pieces.

a $120 credenza for his dining room.
don't you love it!??? she just needs
some shine.

a little reading chair
for his reading nook
just off the living room.
she needs a good paint job
and a little reupholstery lovin'. 
she's going to be my first major
upholstery job. can't wait!

and this table & chairs.
craistlist find. $30.
needs to be stained and sealed.
and of course the chairs need a little
disregard{en} touch. but isn't it great??!

i haven't gotten my hands on any of the pieces yet
to make them beautiful but
i can't wait to show you when they are finished!

i love making every poor man's gard{en}
do you have any recent diy projects you are
working on? i'd love to see
your poor man's gard{en}!

 have a lovely tuesday.

20 May, 2011


friday. friday.
how is it friday?

this week's new
free piece:

monsieur georges
{you don't actually pronounce the 's'}
he's french.

he is fun. you wait and see.

speaking of fun, is anyone doing
anything fun on their last night before
the rapture?
my day was exhausting
but mr. amazing and i ended it with
mexican food. so i'm pretty much ready.

in all seriousness, i hope everyone 
enjoys their lovely weekend.
be with people you love,
enjoy good food and i'll most likely see
you early next week!

19 May, 2011


hello friends!
it's still thursday my time,
so technically i made it.
happy lost & found!

sweet cole


lovely linnie


sleep well dear friends.

17 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

it's tuesday.
which means i get to show you
photos of our 
poor man's gard{en}
at the flea market this past sunday.

we had so much fun. 
the weather was perfect
and there were so many interesting
and great people walking & shopping around.

the day started of with heavy rain, but
the rain stopped around 7:45am and gave
us just enough time to set up for the day.
i am not going to lie. 
i was a bit frustrated with the rain
but it ended up providing for 
a gorgeous sky and perfect temperatures.
it was lovely.

to show the you the loveliness 
here are a few photos i managed to take.

hello friends!

vintage homegrown. they sell with us.
isn't their stuff incredible?!!
find them on etsy.

wasn't it a lovely day?
disregard{en} is going to be selling
at two other local markets
in the upcoming month. 
i can't wait to give you more details!!

hope you have a lovely tuesday friends.


13 May, 2011


and, another post
since you are so patient.

this week's 




they are actually completed
{not in these photos, of course}.
and you can see them
this coming sunday
if you want to visit me.
i know you do.
even if you're thousands of miles away.
you should hop on a plane.
and if you aren't thousands 
of miles away,
no excuses.
unless you're having a baby or something.
that's the only excuse i'll accept.
{just kidding}
you'll miss out on amazing finds and cool
people and great food.

oh, but you'll have plenty of
opportunity to see disregard{en}
because i am going to be
selling at a few other
markets in the very near future.
details to come.

have a wonderful weekend friends.
and, if i don't see you,
well, i hope you have a 
wonderful weekend anyway.


oh, blogger. you are so difficult.
sorry sweet friends. 
i could not write my weekly
posts because blogger decided to
do some maintenance these last few days.

here is this week's
lost & found






looooovely. they will be available for purchase
this coming sunday at the
melrose trading post.
hope you had a wonderful thursday yesterday.


06 May, 2011


lovely new finds.
mr. amazing found these two
beauties within the last month
and i couldn't wait to share them
with you.
aren't they already so wonderful??!



cannot wait to show you their
new, found look next week.

have a wonderful weekend.
i am looking forward to celebrating
my lovely and amazing mother.
i love you momma! 
i am so grateful for your presence 
in my life and for your love.
you make my heart smile.
(and, i, of course, am excited
to celebrate my mother-in-law, debbi. 
i am beyond blessed to have acquired such
an astounding woman in my life!)

even if you don't get to celebrate
your mother this weekend, i hope
you get to celebrate whoever
demonstrates the love of a mother to you.
whoever that is.
see you next week friends.

05 May, 2011


liv & theo

now found

miss geraldine

now found

one word. lovely.
i just love the process of making
unwanted things lovable.
it's been a good day of being reminded of that.

hope your thursday has been
as great as mine.