17 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

it's tuesday.
which means i get to show you
photos of our 
poor man's gard{en}
at the flea market this past sunday.

we had so much fun. 
the weather was perfect
and there were so many interesting
and great people walking & shopping around.

the day started of with heavy rain, but
the rain stopped around 7:45am and gave
us just enough time to set up for the day.
i am not going to lie. 
i was a bit frustrated with the rain
but it ended up providing for 
a gorgeous sky and perfect temperatures.
it was lovely.

to show the you the loveliness 
here are a few photos i managed to take.

hello friends!

vintage homegrown. they sell with us.
isn't their stuff incredible?!!
find them on etsy.

wasn't it a lovely day?
disregard{en} is going to be selling
at two other local markets
in the upcoming month. 
i can't wait to give you more details!!

hope you have a lovely tuesday friends.


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