13 May, 2011


and, another post
since you are so patient.

this week's 




they are actually completed
{not in these photos, of course}.
and you can see them
this coming sunday
if you want to visit me.
i know you do.
even if you're thousands of miles away.
you should hop on a plane.
and if you aren't thousands 
of miles away,
no excuses.
unless you're having a baby or something.
that's the only excuse i'll accept.
{just kidding}
you'll miss out on amazing finds and cool
people and great food.

oh, but you'll have plenty of
opportunity to see disregard{en}
because i am going to be
selling at a few other
markets in the very near future.
details to come.

have a wonderful weekend friends.
and, if i don't see you,
well, i hope you have a 
wonderful weekend anyway.

1 comment:

andrea earl said...

you are great at what u do!