29 April, 2011


my new finds to share.

liv & theo
{only one is pictured}


miss geraldine

can't wait to show you their
newly 'found' looks.
they are perfect.

i hope you have a lovely

i will try & take photos
of our time with the babies
down in mexico this weekend.

see you next week!!


28 April, 2011


miss ida




well this week definitely got away from me.
this is my first post of the week, and 
it is already thursday. ridiculous.
mr. amazing and i enjoyed our weekend in san
diego & easter with the family. 

this weekend, we are going down to mexico to 
play with the beautiful children at the
orphanage we frequently visit.
so excited. 
i'm also excited about the tacos we get
on our way down.
seriously, the absolute BEST tacos. ever.
i secretly saved my calories this week 
so i can eat as many as humanly possible
(we are going twice. once on saturday &
then again on sunday)

i hope you had a great thursday friends!
i will see you tomorrow for [free]day.
i've got some great new finds!!!

oh, and i am so excited to share with you
that disregard{en} is going to be
getting a facelift! 
well, more like a makeover.
but still.
more details to come but i can't wait
to show you our new logo & design.

happy thursday!

22 April, 2011


it's friday!
that means 
the weekend.

here are two new lost pieces 

miss ida



can't wait to show you 
their found-ness.
they are great.

this weekend, i am taking mr. amazing
to see the show 
down in san diego.
we are going to enjoy the farmer's market,
cappuccinos, gelato, pizza, and
then, we get to celebrate
easter with his wonderful family.
it is going to be a great weekend.

i hope you have a joyful and lovely 
i would love to hear what your plans are!
what are you doing this weekend???

see you next week! 

21 April, 2011


oh, you know, it is just another

remember these from last week?

roberta & rosemary

now found

little edelle
a little lost

now she is greatly found


and now a lady, quite found

aren't they lovely?
if you would like any of these or 
something similar, feel free to contact me
or go to my etsy shop, here.

i hope you are enjoying your thursday.
see you tomorrow for [free]day!


19 April, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

hello tuesday
hello friends!

i hope your weekend was
beautiful & restful.

this past sunday
was disregard{en}'s 
time selling at
the melrose trading post

though it was a bit slower 
(thanks coachella)
than normal, we still
enjoyed basking in the sun,
drinking horchata
and meeting new people.

 we didn't find much time to garden
but, out mobile garden
was pretty gorgeous. 

here are a few of photos

 (that amazing wood light
is made from vintage homegrown.
they sell with us.
and they are amazing. check them out here.)

(a full view of our little shop)

this week is going to be set aside for
some custom items and
clearing out our garage a bit.
it's overflowing.

but don't worry, i have some new
pieces to share with you.

have a great tuesday afternoon and evening.


15 April, 2011


happy friday!
it's already friday?!?!?!

well, as always,
here is this week's
new free 
{or semi-free}

roberta and rosemary
two sisters.
they love the same type of
foods, same music
and love to match.
unfortunately, they both need 
a little bit of a makeover.


little edelle
she loves to entertain.
she keeps her tiny self busy
with parties and the sort. 
{thanks momma for finding this one!}
okay, and one more...

the lovely antoinette
she is already wonderful
but just needs a few little repairs
and maybe a bit of color to show off
her rich and elegant disposition...
{thank you stacey and marcus for
finding this beauty} 

and you can find these pieces this
coming sunday at the melrose trading post!
disregard{en} will be there in lot#41.
if you make it, you'll get to see these
pieces before next week's 
lost&found post.
lucky you.
{and me, if you visit!}

have a LOVELY weekend dear friends.


14 April, 2011


well, i have been busy.
painting away.

these lovelies are new
to the disregard{en} collection

lady sadie


mr. everette




ms mae 

and found

oh, and 
like i promised...


and found
{ps: i am super bummed this photo
did NOT come out. you can't see any 
of the detail. and i was in a hurry
so i didn't get the navy blue 
secretary desk part of it. it folds out.
yep. he is great}

if you like these or have something else in mind,
you should come visit me this sunday, april 17th
at the melrose trading post.
it is going to be sunny and warm and you
can get fresh horchata and tacos
or crepes
and listen to music and people watch,
maybe buy some jewelry from these
great people. here. but you really should buy
it from them at the flea market. their pieces
are seriously amazing. all handmade. 
(they will be selling with us!)

i hope you are having a spectacular 
thursday dear friends. hope to see you sunday.
either way, i'll see you tomorrow
for [free]day!

12 April, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

well somehow i managed
to get myself sick (again)
this last weekend.
so i didn't get to work much
but mr. amazing did garden a little
so i thought i would share some of
his hard work with you.
he gets all the credit...

the best pot of succulents
by mr. amazing
(in an old four canister)

and lovely lavender

that used to look like this
(that plant in the middle)

and remember the different stages of the
side of our garage???

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3 
it is growing like crazy!

 huge huge bush of lavender
 that looked like this when we first planted it
(that plant to the far left. i know.
it went crazy. it LOVES sunlight)

more pots of succulents 
by mr. amazing

we are planning on painting the outside
of our little home
in the next month or so. 
so stay tuned for 
poor man's gard{en}: phase three
[phase three, right? i can't keep track]
and after we paint the outside,
we'll be planting in the front
of the house! finally! then, our neighbors
won't hate us for such a sad and forgotten 

and, not that it has anything
to do with our actual home,
but it is an exciting addition to our little
{not a baby. yet.}
our new little car.
meet parker the prius. 
we love him.

well i hope you have enjoyed your
lovely tuesday!

see you thursday for