15 April, 2011


happy friday!
it's already friday?!?!?!

well, as always,
here is this week's
new free 
{or semi-free}

roberta and rosemary
two sisters.
they love the same type of
foods, same music
and love to match.
unfortunately, they both need 
a little bit of a makeover.


little edelle
she loves to entertain.
she keeps her tiny self busy
with parties and the sort. 
{thanks momma for finding this one!}
okay, and one more...

the lovely antoinette
she is already wonderful
but just needs a few little repairs
and maybe a bit of color to show off
her rich and elegant disposition...
{thank you stacey and marcus for
finding this beauty} 

and you can find these pieces this
coming sunday at the melrose trading post!
disregard{en} will be there in lot#41.
if you make it, you'll get to see these
pieces before next week's 
lost&found post.
lucky you.
{and me, if you visit!}

have a LOVELY weekend dear friends.


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