19 April, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

hello tuesday
hello friends!

i hope your weekend was
beautiful & restful.

this past sunday
was disregard{en}'s 
time selling at
the melrose trading post

though it was a bit slower 
(thanks coachella)
than normal, we still
enjoyed basking in the sun,
drinking horchata
and meeting new people.

 we didn't find much time to garden
but, out mobile garden
was pretty gorgeous. 

here are a few of photos

 (that amazing wood light
is made from vintage homegrown.
they sell with us.
and they are amazing. check them out here.)

(a full view of our little shop)

this week is going to be set aside for
some custom items and
clearing out our garage a bit.
it's overflowing.

but don't worry, i have some new
pieces to share with you.

have a great tuesday afternoon and evening.


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