30 June, 2011


hello thursday!!
it's my favorite day!!!!



and now,

jade found a home with another
sweet customer at the last
melrose trading post

jack & jackie


and now, 

i just love them.
they are still available
and can be seen this coming saturday 
at the silverlake farmer's market
at the melrose trading post

aren't you so excited?! i know.
you're totally going to hang out with 
me and mr. amazing
both days. in the nice sunshine.
sipping some delicious beverage.

i hope you have a fabulously
exciting thursday friends!

i am headed out to a 
where disregard{en} gets to connect
with the amazing los angeles community
and fellow entrepreneurs.

can't wait to share how it goes!!


28 June, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

hello tuesday!!!
and what a gorgeously 
tuesday it was.
high 70's, clouds in the sky
and a light breeze.
my ideal weather for working...

and i got so much done today
i can't wait to show you!!!

for today's poor man's gard{en}, 
i thought i'd share some photos of our garden's
lovely progress

yellow pepper!
{i know. it looks green. i promise it will be yellow}

did you know that jalapenos form
out of the hanging flower?!?!

omgsh. i am SO excited.

okay, more...

there is a HUGE one but my photo 
was too blurry to put up.
i am so proud of us.

and our basil came back to life

makes me want to eat vegetables
and herbs all day.

i can't wait until we can plant
our squash & some yummy fruits...

oh, & i wanted to show you an amazing
find we got recently
at a huge junk warehouse

this beauty

it will be the best coat rack.
ever. for our poor man's 
gard{en}: living room.
once he is 
i made it a word.

hope you had a fabulous tuesday.
i cannot wait to show you some
great pieces on thursday's


ps: after re-reading this post,
i have decided 
beautiful days like today
get my endorphins going & i have
maybe a little too much energy...

25 June, 2011


well sometimes life gets away from you...
and that is exactly what happened yesterday.

here is a belated



jack & jackie

hope you have a LOVELY weekend. 
june weekends are always so crazy & full.
we have a birthday party for our
favorite red headed six year old & 
then a wedding. all today. 

see you next week!


23 June, 2011


i think thursdays
are my favorite days for disregard{en}.
i love seeing the transformation of a piece.
it is so satisfying & exciting.

here is this week's
lost & found

(from a few week's back)



she found the perfect home.
the woman who purchased her is pretty
much the cutest thing ever. she's definitely
going to be a friend. for sure.
thanks ryan!!
can't wait for our airstream dreams!

beautiful adelisa



adelisa found a lovely home with a 
lovely couple who purchased
a few disregard{en} pieces.
i love it.

and last week's 


and now 
wonderfully chic 

little miss bess
she was fought over by about four
separate customers this past 
flea market.
i hope i'm like her when i'm fifty-something.
chic, adorably stylish, mature & fought over.
if you liked her & didn't get to take her home
with you, you can email me
at disregardener@gmail.com
i will try & find the perfect piece for you.
{well, mr. amazing will find it, i'll give it
some love}

actually, if you like any of these
or have something particular in mind you are looking
for, email me. 

i hope you have a wonderful thursday.
i LOVE summer. yes, a little too hot here in
southern california, but i love that it stays
light until 8:30 in the evening & i can 
work outside with the june bugs until late.


21 June, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

hello friends!
it is tuesday.
and a hot one!!

this past sunday,
disregard{en} sold
at the melrose trading post.
it was so much fun.
we met some great people & disregard{en}
is now in some amazing homes. 

thank you to all who came out, stopped by,
purchased from and wonderfully supported.

here are a few photos from 
sunday's flea market

and, as i promised two weeks ago,
here is a little glimpse of
poor man's gard{en}: living room revamp

remember the {lost} photos?

well, now she's {found}, in my house

i hope you had a lovely weekend.

yesterday was my day of rest
and today has been full of
emails & business-y things.

maybe i'll make it outside to
paint a little & be inspired by creativity...


17 June, 2011


i have been working away
today on some new pieces!!

here is today's
new find

well, but we like to call her
bess, for short.

she just needs a little lovin'
hasn't had a makeover in quite some time...

you can see her finished at the 
melrose trading post
this upcoming sunday
{on father's day}
you can wait for next week's
lost & found

have a lovely weekend.
enjoy those wonderful men in your life.


16 June, 2011

lost & found

so yesterday was the best birthday yet!
i got to celebrate my 25th year
with some of my closest friends & family.
it was lovely.
{& yes, in case you were wondering, 
mr. amazing's birthday is the day before mine}

i will try & post some 
photos of the day soon.

but now what you are really waiting for.



and now

she is going to make someone's
living room look perfect.
and she is, of course, going to be
the perfect companion for holding
fine beverage & encouraging lovely 

is it bad that i want to keep her?
yes. it is. i can't. there is no. more. room.

you can purchase her & many of her friends
this upcoming sunday at 
melrose trading post!!!
disregard{en} will be there from 9-5. 
come visit.
click here for more information.

hope to see you there!

have a lovely evening.
i'm pooped. i think mr. amazing and
i are going on our run
(remember how i mentioned a few months ago
that we were training for a half-marathon. well,
we still are...eek!)
but then i will pass out after. 

see you tomorrow for {free}day!

14 June, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

poor man's gard{en}
is a bit rushed because
it is mr. amazing's birthday!!!
his last year in his twenties.
o.m.g. he is getting old. 
(just kidding)

we did manage to find some AMAZING
pieces this past weekend
and enjoy a few meals out in 
our poor man's gard{en}

here are a few photos from the weekend.

some of them are of pieces we found
and others are just pieces i was 
inspired by. oh, and one photo of 
the amazing beers we drank.

have a lovely tuesday!!!!


10 June, 2011


i just LOVE fridays.
and i especially love this friday
because it consisted of an estate sale 
in the morning, and then homemade soup, 
a good wine & a movie later this evening. 
i mean, how much better could it get?!

well, i guess it could get better
with a new find!


mr. amazing's grandfather, papa,
found it for me. 
thanks papa. i feel so loved you saw 
this and thought of us!

i can't wait to see what penny looks like 
with a little bit of loving.
stay tuned!

have an amazingly wonderful, fun and restful
weekend. i am going to.


09 June, 2011


does one
get anything done when
the list is endless?!

this week has been quite
a full week.
with meetings about disregard{en},
current disregard{en} projects
(including two weddings to style!)
and polishing up some business details
i have found it rather difficult
to completely finish
some of the pieces i have started.

i spent yesterday helping my dad
finish more of his living & dining rooms
{photos to come}
hunted for some 
great disregard{en}
oh, and mr. amazing just found a few
as i write this!

life feels even more
crazy now that i am fully 
 how does that work?!?!

well, in the midst of starting
this lovely business,
i have had to learn and grow 
along the way.
you only learn from mistakes, right?!
anywho, there have been a few
pieces i did in the beginning
months of starting this little business
that just didn't seem to fit
into disregard{en}'s collection.
so, i have transformed them a second time.
{it's great. i made up a song about
learning from your mistakes as i painted away}

here is the first piece

ms. evelyn

remember her this way?

and then this way?

well, now she is even more
gorgeous & elegant
and wonderfully found

it has actually been 
really exciting for me
to notice the difference
between my older pieces
and recent ones.
i'm growing! yay!
isn't that the point?

i hope you are finding the joys
in your growing - however you are.

i still have some exciting 
news for disregard{en}
and it's
i cannot wait to share
with you in these upcoming weeks!!!

have a lovely thursday.