16 June, 2011

lost & found

so yesterday was the best birthday yet!
i got to celebrate my 25th year
with some of my closest friends & family.
it was lovely.
{& yes, in case you were wondering, 
mr. amazing's birthday is the day before mine}

i will try & post some 
photos of the day soon.

but now what you are really waiting for.



and now

she is going to make someone's
living room look perfect.
and she is, of course, going to be
the perfect companion for holding
fine beverage & encouraging lovely 

is it bad that i want to keep her?
yes. it is. i can't. there is no. more. room.

you can purchase her & many of her friends
this upcoming sunday at 
melrose trading post!!!
disregard{en} will be there from 9-5. 
come visit.
click here for more information.

hope to see you there!

have a lovely evening.
i'm pooped. i think mr. amazing and
i are going on our run
(remember how i mentioned a few months ago
that we were training for a half-marathon. well,
we still are...eek!)
but then i will pass out after. 

see you tomorrow for {free}day!

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