30 August, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

so mr. amazing and i were
privileged to work with 
an amazing local 
interior designer
this past month.
she was redecorating
a young teenagers room
and saw disregard{en} at melrose trading post
and was super excited to have 
a disregard{en}ed touch...

so, here is what i got to design
and mr. amazing got to build
{he really is amazing, isn't he?!}
a perfect bookcase:

made from reclaimed wood found in
an old warehouse. at least 100 years old.
insane. can you imagine the stories behind
each board?!

we loved the bookcase so much, we decided to make
one for our own poor man's gard{en}.
photos to come next week!

and, she also wanted 
some of our chalkboard frames:

we had so much fun & loved connecting
with our new best friends.

hoping you had a fantabulous tuesday.
mine was productive and crazy.


26 August, 2011


today's {free}day item

mister & missus
no. 3

you will love them.

have a fabulous friday & a great weekend!
see you next week friends.


25 August, 2011


it's a lovely thursday
over here.
full of brainstorming
and creating.
cutting fabric for some upcoming
weddings, and finalizing the details.
oh, and 
setting some dates
to partner with a few amazing
organizations, businesses & people. cannot WAIT to 
introduce them all to you.
you're going to love them.

today's feature
is from a post in july.
remember this {free}day?

well, here are two found additions
to our new lines:

the everette
no. 2


and, found


the mister and missus
no. 2


and, found

the mister & missus {no. 2}
are still available for purchase.

hope you are having a fabulous day
and staying as cool as possible.


23 August, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

it's been so long!!!

i hope you didn't miss me too much.
but i sure missed all of you.
thank you for the love & support
while i was away these past three weeks.
three. sheesh.

mr. amazing and i spent our first week
down in temecula with dear friends.
and helped get two of them married.
well, more like helped prepare 
their special day.

then, we drove up to portland.
17 hours. almost 18. yes. i know.
be jealous. except it was so special to drive
up with friends who we don't see very often.
and, of course, we ate and drank our way
through the city. that's pretty much all we did.
and enjoyed the gorgeous city.
oh, we went to powell's and a kickball game.

then we took a train up to washington & went fishing.
and drove over to seattle & spent our last night 
in that spectacular city.
my first time.
so of course we went to pike's place & 
took the elevator up to the space needle
(we drank a beer & ate haribo gummi 
bears while watching the sunset. so romantic)
and ate donuts, pizza & drank more beer.
we also walked to lovely park.

here are some photos of our trip
{warning: they are mostly of food & fine beverage}

my vacation started like this. in temecula.

delicious breakfast at jam cafe
on hawthorne. ugh. i want it right now.

heading into downtown portland.

some of the best coffee in portland.

handsome mister amazing at coffeehouse northwest.

a little beer. 
don't worry. i got more later.

local breweries in p town. perfection.

the biggest dahlia i've ever seen. at least 9 inches diameter.

picked fresh blueberries. sooo good.

 taken on my 7 mile run near the willamette.
it's a sign. literally. i know. i'm clever.

 first day in seattle. pike place.

top pot donuts in seattle. good thing i don't live there.
i'd be large.

volunteer park in seattle. so pretty.

 pizza at serious pie in seattle. mmm.

and this last week has consisted of preparing for
the flea market this past sunday.

we were well rested but jumping right back into 
things definitely took a bit of adjusting.

so, of course, i have a few flea market 
photos to share with you
on this 
poor man's gard{en} sort of day

i hope you have had a wonderful month of august.
september is around the corner
and there are some exciting things happening
over here this next month & a half. cannot wait
to share.