30 August, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

so mr. amazing and i were
privileged to work with 
an amazing local 
interior designer
this past month.
she was redecorating
a young teenagers room
and saw disregard{en} at melrose trading post
and was super excited to have 
a disregard{en}ed touch...

so, here is what i got to design
and mr. amazing got to build
{he really is amazing, isn't he?!}
a perfect bookcase:

made from reclaimed wood found in
an old warehouse. at least 100 years old.
insane. can you imagine the stories behind
each board?!

we loved the bookcase so much, we decided to make
one for our own poor man's gard{en}.
photos to come next week!

and, she also wanted 
some of our chalkboard frames:

we had so much fun & loved connecting
with our new best friends.

hoping you had a fantabulous tuesday.
mine was productive and crazy.


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