28 June, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

hello tuesday!!!
and what a gorgeously 
tuesday it was.
high 70's, clouds in the sky
and a light breeze.
my ideal weather for working...

and i got so much done today
i can't wait to show you!!!

for today's poor man's gard{en}, 
i thought i'd share some photos of our garden's
lovely progress

yellow pepper!
{i know. it looks green. i promise it will be yellow}

did you know that jalapenos form
out of the hanging flower?!?!

omgsh. i am SO excited.

okay, more...

there is a HUGE one but my photo 
was too blurry to put up.
i am so proud of us.

and our basil came back to life

makes me want to eat vegetables
and herbs all day.

i can't wait until we can plant
our squash & some yummy fruits...

oh, & i wanted to show you an amazing
find we got recently
at a huge junk warehouse

this beauty

it will be the best coat rack.
ever. for our poor man's 
gard{en}: living room.
once he is 
i made it a word.

hope you had a fabulous tuesday.
i cannot wait to show you some
great pieces on thursday's


ps: after re-reading this post,
i have decided 
beautiful days like today
get my endorphins going & i have
maybe a little too much energy...

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