28 April, 2011


miss ida




well this week definitely got away from me.
this is my first post of the week, and 
it is already thursday. ridiculous.
mr. amazing and i enjoyed our weekend in san
diego & easter with the family. 

this weekend, we are going down to mexico to 
play with the beautiful children at the
orphanage we frequently visit.
so excited. 
i'm also excited about the tacos we get
on our way down.
seriously, the absolute BEST tacos. ever.
i secretly saved my calories this week 
so i can eat as many as humanly possible
(we are going twice. once on saturday &
then again on sunday)

i hope you had a great thursday friends!
i will see you tomorrow for [free]day.
i've got some great new finds!!!

oh, and i am so excited to share with you
that disregard{en} is going to be
getting a facelift! 
well, more like a makeover.
but still.
more details to come but i can't wait
to show you our new logo & design.

happy thursday!

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