12 April, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

well somehow i managed
to get myself sick (again)
this last weekend.
so i didn't get to work much
but mr. amazing did garden a little
so i thought i would share some of
his hard work with you.
he gets all the credit...

the best pot of succulents
by mr. amazing
(in an old four canister)

and lovely lavender

that used to look like this
(that plant in the middle)

and remember the different stages of the
side of our garage???

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3 
it is growing like crazy!

 huge huge bush of lavender
 that looked like this when we first planted it
(that plant to the far left. i know.
it went crazy. it LOVES sunlight)

more pots of succulents 
by mr. amazing

we are planning on painting the outside
of our little home
in the next month or so. 
so stay tuned for 
poor man's gard{en}: phase three
[phase three, right? i can't keep track]
and after we paint the outside,
we'll be planting in the front
of the house! finally! then, our neighbors
won't hate us for such a sad and forgotten 

and, not that it has anything
to do with our actual home,
but it is an exciting addition to our little
{not a baby. yet.}
our new little car.
meet parker the prius. 
we love him.

well i hope you have enjoyed your
lovely tuesday!

see you thursday for


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