08 April, 2011


i love finding pieces.
and i love the transformation of
a piece.
there is so much beauty in watching
a forgotten & unwanted piece evolve
into something treasured and loved. 
oh, and i love getting my hands dirty.
i pretty much love what i have been able
to do for the last year. love it.

here are 
this week's 

lady sadie

mr. everette


ms. mae

i love the unique qualities 
of each piece.
i just love them.
but i say that about every piece.
it's true though. really.
and just wait until next week's
they look even better now...

i hope you have a spectacular weekend.
my weekend is going to consist of 
celebrating the lives of two adorable red-headed
boys & the marriage of beautiful friends on saturday,
and then painting, eating, gardening, resting, and loving on sunday.
i am down to my last week before the
next flea market so it is going to be a full week. 

see you tuesday!


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