07 April, 2011


hello friends!
i have missed you.
sorry i haven't been around much
this week.

the weather has not really
allowed for much
(rain, frost, & then hot sun)
at some point the weather
is going to have to figure it out
and decide it wants to celebrate
that way, mr. amazing and i can
actually begin prepping soil and
getting our garden ready
for vegetables, fruit and herbs...
and our compost
(ps: the city we live in
actually provides the materials for free!
check your city to see if they 
offer classes or free composting

so here is
lost & found

last week's {free}day pieces
are now beauties.




and, found

i love them.
and lee is almost
he has been a bit more work
than i anticipated
(well, and i haven't had much
time to work on pieces the last few days)

i have so much to work on this weekend and next week
since disregard{en} is going to be
at the melrose trading post 
april 17th (yay!)

oh, and mr. amazing and i bought
a new car on sunday!
his name is parker the prius.
he is charcoal grey.
he gives us great gas mileage
and makes us feel better about
all the driving we do.
and, he is going to help
haul furniture for disregard{en}
with his hatchback amazingness.
maybe i'll take a photo of our new addition
(when i told my mom i had some
exciting news, i had to warn her it
wasn't a baby. bahaha!)

i hope you had a wonderful thursday!


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