01 April, 2011


it's friday friday friday.
fun fun fun
{if you haven't heard that song,
type in rebecca black on youtube. 
mr. amazing found it and showed it to me. }

okay, now for the purpose of this blog...

new free pieces! 
{or semi-free}



{who was so big i could not
even photograph him
in my normal spot!}

i know. aren't they great?!
it has been so fun finding 
pieces for the flea market
and clients.

if you are looking for anything specific,
let me know. mr. amazing is amazing 
(i know)
at finding pieces. 
when i say 
'i need a dresser and two bedside tables for a client' 
he will literally come home 
a few days 
later (at the most) 
with those things - found at great prices
or free. 
he's perfect for me.


i hope you enjoy your lovely weekend.
mine is going to consist 
of cleaning and organizing our home,
spending time with family on saturday evening,
and a tour of los angeles with
a friend on sunday.
add some food and beer in the mix
(and maybe some running. cough cough)
and it will be the perfect weekend.
oh, and some painting & gardening hopefully.

cannot wait to see you next week!



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