31 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

so we found some time this weekend 
to work on our front yard!

what phase is this?
i think three.

remember what it looked like
in the other two phases:

with those nasty hedges

and then after we took out those nasty hedges.

except, mr. amazing and i learned the hard way.
somehow, the grass and weeds seemed to
grow really fast and before long, it looked like
this again.

so basically, we had to pull all
the weeds again before we could
tear out the roots & stumps, and till 
the soil.

but mr. amazing really lives up to his name.
and we somehow managed to get complete the prep work within
about three hours. 

and finally planted our plants!
now, our phase three looks like this: 

(these pictures don't do our hard work justice)


things are not always perfect.
and, to prove my point,
look here

see that muddy hole? yeah. 
somehow we seemed to dig up this
corroded metal pipe 

which honestly
wasn't part of the new sprinkler system
but still managed to cause some caving.
we just have to fix that. oops.

but other than that, our
poor man's gard{en}: phase three
is complete!! 
phase four is going to consist of painting
the outside of the house!!!!
(and maybe adding a few more plants here and there)

it is so rewarding to work hard 
and see your progress.
i love it.

oh, and i should mention we did all
of this for a couple hundred dollars!
i know. discount plants & craigslist free.
i'm proud of us...

i hope you enjoyed your three day weekend!


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