08 February, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

i am so proud of us.
we finished the kitchen at my dad's.
and, jonathan, i mean mr. amazing, finished
painting my dad's living room 
(minus the trim)
and we finished the next stage of our
guest room. 

you might want to hire us as your
painters/designers/decorators/kitchen organizers
because we finished my dad's kitchen and living room
(well, the first stage)
under 20 hours.
yes, i know.
feel free to contact me with your
next project (smile). 

here are some photos of my dad's
kitchen and living room.
i actually took these before we finished
the details. i had to get in a few
photos before the lighting made it impossible...

this is what it looked like before
our amazing painting skills

and this is what it looked like
after the twenty hours

remember, we haven't stained the floors 
or replaced old appliances yet.
{and i promise i will take a photo
with a view of the entire kitchen next time}
i know the tile is hideous. but i am going to 
apply my savvy decor skills and
bring the burnt orange to other places.
the color scheme of the kitchen/living room area
will be greens/blues/burnt orange/neutrals.
i think. 

oh, and here is the living room
before photo

look at those high ceilings.
and after mr. amazing applied his painting skills

so much better.
i mean, we still have to stain floors, window sills,
add curtains, furniture & accents...
and that is just the living room. phew!
baby steps.

i am not sure when we are working on the next stage
but i will definitely keep you posted.

i think we'll try and work on our house
over the next few months...
like landscaping and painting the outside.
i know. we are crazy. but we love it.

here are a few photos of our new guestroom.
keep in mind the main furniture pieces
(the bed, dresser, desk, & some accents)
were all given to us.
yes. free.

thank you to phil & debbi for
the amazing dresser, cindee for the bed frame,
lindsay for the metal ceiling tile,
and our fellow craigslist free-er for our
i wanted to be a guest in our house yesterday.
this isn't the final stage but that should be 
assumed as we always have new projects up our sleeves.

and, speaking of projects, i have been
working away on some new furniture pieces!
so stay tuned for 'lost&found' thursday.

there might even be more 
than one project featured!?!?

hope you enjoy your tuesday
my loving and supportive friends.


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Jennifer said...

So gifted you both are:) I miss you all, please tell my uncle (aka-your dad) we say hi too!