04 February, 2011


favorite day: freeday!

this pair is inseparable.
and they are a perfect match.
they love to store treasures
alongside your bed or sofa.
and bring life to any room.

mister and missus

{photo only shows the missus. 
or maybe the mister. i don't know.
they are identical...}

i hope you are enjoying your friday dear
friends. and thank you to my new followers
for 'following' me. i feel loved.

mr. amazing and i are heading to my
dad's today to work on his 
forgotten kitchen. 
see his kitchen posted here.
we'll be sanding and
painting the next two days. 
and we will complete it. will. 
photos to follow.

have a wonderful weekend.
stay warm if you live outside
southern california.
and bundle up if you are living
in a blizzard... 
  enjoy your
last month and a half of
winter weather fellow californians.
don't you love living here? sigh.


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