12 January, 2011

poor man's gard[en] - belated

so it's a little belated.

but i have an exciting
poor man's gard{en}
project to show you.

my dad's house!

he hasn't lived in his home
in about twenty years.
and, three renters later,
it looks stuck in the late 70s 
and un-livable.

his main project right now is
the kitchen.

main goals:
1. inexpensive renovation/redecoration
2. masculine with a feminine touch 
(in other words, my dad doesn't know what he wants but he 
trusts me to create a livable and lovable space for him)
3. diy as much as possible

so, with that said
phase ONE of
my wonderful dad's

the horrible kitchen tile. which,
at this point, because of cost, must remain.

i know. but i promise i'll
figure out a way to keep your attention
away from the tile and blend it right in...

cement floor. wow.
because we would rather spend the money 
on other parts of the house, and we think
we can stain the cement and give it a great
patina, we are going inexpensive and skipping the tile.
you'll have to wait and see...

brown wood everywhere! why did the 70s
enjoy wood, brown, burnt orange, 
red, dark & no character?!

so, with a very small budget & our own hands,
we will make this kitchen feel much less
bland. maybe more like a 
retro - industrial - modern - chic look.
oh, and don't forget the masculine. of course, dad.

here is a little hint...

minus that hideously old microwave
(i am making my dad get rid of it. ugh!)

over the next few months my dad, mr. amazing
and i will be working on this kitchen.
and i cannot wait to show you the next phase!

hope you're having a lovely belated tuesday
(more like a wednesday. but still)



Lisa said...

Jessica, is that the Spring Valley Lake home? Is your dad moving back into it? I really would love to see you and your dad soon.


Anonymous said...

we're going to have some similar blogs coming soon too...haha we'll most likely be coming to you for advice as well! <3 good luck!

jessica nicole said...

Lisa, YES. This is his SVL home! We were just talking about finding a time to visit you and your beautiful family. Feel free to fb message me or email me times/dates that might work for you. Or, you can always head up to my dad's house in the SVL area once it is all done :O) Love to you and your family!!

Jackie, I'm excited to see how far you guys have come on the house!!! PS: hope you aren't working too hard on your birthday :O) love!