12 January, 2011

2011 so far...

hello friends!

2011 has arrived
 and i have so many ideas,
dreams, designs and creative
now i just need some motivation...

somehow over the last few months
i have felt slightly overwhelmed
with all of my potential projects.
and, because i am a perfectionist,
i hate working on something and
it not being 'perfect'. 
so instead of working on pieces,
i have not worked
on anything for disregard{en}.
too many ideas/dreams/visions/creations/expectations
and i freeze.

so, in order to get over myself 
(because i am pretty much the only
thing getting in my way at this point),
i am setting goals for myself.

this blog was my main goal for 
disregard{en} in 2010. go me.
but this year, my main goal 
is going to be...
 selling at flea markets!

so, as my friends, i am inviting
you on this second part of my journey.
i have primarily been selling
on etsy (and word-of-mouth)
but starting next month (eeeek),
i am going to be selling my items
with a few friends (and mr. amazing of course)
at the flea market (details to come).
but, in order to start selling, 
i have a lot to do. 
here is my checklist:

~ update my business cards
~ finish at least 5 more big pieces (seriously?!?)
~ figure out a tent/props for our selling area
~ apply for a resale license
~ figure out how to transport all of my pieces 
~ bake some cookies for the day of 
(because everyone needs a little 
refreshment while shopping, right?!)

those are the main things i need to get done right now.
there will be plenty more as i go.

and, because you are my friends
and i have invited you along,
i thought it might be fun for my wonderful
friends to have an incentive 
to encourage me along? 
(selfish? no. creative? yes.)

so, here is the scoop:

~ if you write me & tell me what 
inspires your creativity, 
i will send you a discount in the mail,
either 10% discount on disregard{en} items
 on etsy (not including shipping) or 1/3 off disregard{en} items 
sold at the flea market 

(seriously. and, don't forget to leave 
your mailing address with your comment.
 or you can email it to me at: offthestreetart@gmail.com 
for those of you outside 
california or in another country,
i will figure out some exciting & special deal.

all of the new pieces will be featured
at the flea market. (and, later, on etsy) so stay tuned!
and, i will update you on the location and date
of the flea market as soon as i figure out
details. it will be sometime next month.

hope you are enjoying your wednesday evening
dear friends.



Katy said...

WOW! As always, you inspire me Jess.

But, as I know how creativity can get stuck sometimes, these are the things I do often to get inspired.

Roam Michael's arts & Crafts or Swains or a fabric store or thrift store.
Watch HGTV or look at their website.
Listen to my fav station on Pandora and sing away : )
Clean/organize something I really don't want to around the house I really hate....usually can get me back to whatever I'm working on creatively (or homework)
Ask a friend to hang out and be artsy, my sister in law is usually my victim.
Read books on positive thinking motivational, achieving your dreams...this has been my big one lately.

I know that's a lot, but I get stuck often and don't do nearly as much as you since I don't have the space like I used to.

Keep up the good work in 2011.....I know you can do it.....

Send away to 11911 Hart St. #11 North Hollywood, CA 91605

I am always in need of good things made by good people : )

Also, if you ever need help lugging stuff to a flea market, I have an SUV and am around if ever in a bind.......

Amy said...

awesome! i can't wait to come visit your flea market booth!! :)

jessica nicole said...

Katy, expect something fun in the mail, soon :O) Thanks for your inspiration. I can definitely relate on ways to be inspired! Thanks for offering to help out. You are so sweet. I'll definitely keep you in mind. Would love to find a time to be creative together!

Amy, can't wait to see you at the flea market sometime in the future :O) I am sure I'll see you at work before then. haha. love!