31 December, 2010

happy new year

happy happy new year 
sweet friends!!

this year has been a year full
of love, tears, joy,
dreams, creativity & 
some disappointment. 

and i love celebrating and welcoming
in the new.
i love what new means:
 having been made or come into being
a short time ago; changed for the better; 
rejuvenated; not previously experienced or encountered

i am so excited to invite the new
into my life. even if it isn't perfect.
and i cannot wait to apply the things i 
learned and ways i grew in 2010 
throughout this upcoming new year.

but i thought reflecting on
2010 would be an important step 
in entering the new year.
it was so good reminding
myself of my beautiful life.
even with the pains & disappointments.

so here is a list i made
reflecting on 
my 2010

  • purchased our first pet & addition to the taylor family, rudy {our pet chinchilla}
  • began disregard{en}, despite fears and the unknown
  • started working on pieces for disregard{en}
  • blogged consistently.  most of the time.
  • started working at anthropologie to potentially move toward 'prop styling'
  • realized anthropologie was not going to get me where i wanted to go
  • wrestled with figuring out what what & where i want to go
  • found peace in the midst of that wrestling. sometimes.
  • invested in some really sweet relationships
  • was on a pilot for a reality show
  • sold my first seven furniture pieces for disregard{en}
  • started dreaming up selling pieces at the flea market with our sweet friends, the johnsons, in 2011
  • found some good music
  • drank some good wine
  • forgave
  • watched madmen, lost and friday night lights
  • celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple
  • reflected on our first year, set new goals, made healthy steps toward discipline within our marriage and individual lives
  • befriend our neighbors
  • acquired some great free furniture finds
  • laughed
  • was creative {sewed, glued, sanded, cut, sawed, painted, sealed and dug}
  • sewed a lot of curtains and pillowcases
  • re-decorated our living room. three times.
  • re-decorated our guest room
  • drank a lot of margaritas
  • trusted
  • made some delicious meals and ate them with dear friends and family
  • took walks down the path near our house
  • cried
  • made some really great connections for disregard{en}, now i just need to follow through with them
  • went to mexico, ate really good lobster, almost adopted a stray cat we named 'shakespeare'
  • successfully welcomed and enjoyed a few house guests
  • read 'east of eden' together
  • ate a lot of mexican food
  • defeated our poor drainage in the backyard. for now.
  • planted vegetables and herbs in our garden
  • redeemed our backyard and patio
  • got my first dutch oven
  • grilled on our new barbeque
  • successfully deported, without killing, two squirrels {both lived in the roof of our bedroom. one even got in. twice}
  • traveled to san francisco and ate our way through the city with good friends
  • enjoyed time with family in newport during the summer
  • drank homemade cappuccinos almost every morning
  • painted the kitchen and re-tiled with free tile found on craigslist free
  • drank some good beer
  • survived my first holiday season working retail
  • received, printed and framed our wedding photos
  • celebrated marriages, birthdays, babies {not ours} and anniversaries
  • baked the best buttermilk biscuits with honey butter
  • spent wonderful time with our families, including a trip to kansas city & arkansas
  • grew in communicating, trusting and Loving with mr. amazing
i cannot wait to incorporate
some of the experiences on this list
with some new ones.

i hope you enjoy your 
new year's eve

i cannot wait to share the beauty
of life with you in 2011.

stay tuned for some new year's
resolutions. a few personal and 
a few for 


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