28 December, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

this is the last poor 
man's gard{en} of
and i cannot believe it.

jonathan and i just got back from
a sweet post-christmas christmas
with my mom's side of the family.

here are a few photos of our gorgeous
trip up to the sierra mountains.

the view on our way up...

and the views on our way home today.

i also promised i would share
some photos of our homemade
gifts we gave this year
to our family
and some close friends...

homemade gifts.

and homemade cards.

our homemade limoncello
by mr. amazing.
it fermented through the entire
month of december. 
in the taylor kitchen.

and our homemade soy burgamot
candles, paired 
with french vanilla & peppermint
loose leaf tea.

and of course i had to decorate
the jars. i couldn't help myself.

and jonathan made these
tags describing each part 
of the gift.

so there you go. 
the gifts were honestly super
easy to make. i think i am going
to take on candle making as a new hobby.
any fragrance requests?
i might have a post featuring a 
'how to' in candle making.
sound good?

hope you are enjoying your week
after christmas. 
and preparing for 2011.
it's going to be a good year.
i just know it.



caitlyn st john said...

always a fan of the lemoncello :)

we made blueberry vodka for christmas presents- using the same recipe as lemoncello.

looove your gifts. they look amazing!!!

Lyndsay said...

You and Jonathan are so talented! I like you and your blog A LOT. I also like receiving your gifts ;)