06 May, 2011


lovely new finds.
mr. amazing found these two
beauties within the last month
and i couldn't wait to share them
with you.
aren't they already so wonderful??!



cannot wait to show you their
new, found look next week.

have a wonderful weekend.
i am looking forward to celebrating
my lovely and amazing mother.
i love you momma! 
i am so grateful for your presence 
in my life and for your love.
you make my heart smile.
(and, i, of course, am excited
to celebrate my mother-in-law, debbi. 
i am beyond blessed to have acquired such
an astounding woman in my life!)

even if you don't get to celebrate
your mother this weekend, i hope
you get to celebrate whoever
demonstrates the love of a mother to you.
whoever that is.
see you next week friends.

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