05 May, 2011


liv & theo

now found

miss geraldine

now found

one word. lovely.
i just love the process of making
unwanted things lovable.
it's been a good day of being reminded of that.

hope your thursday has been
as great as mine.



Amy said...

how tall are liv and theo? how much are you planning on selling them for? and how quickly can i get them to my bedroom? :)

Jonathan David said...

Amy, aren't they great?! I love them. Sort of wish we had room to keep them...

Their dimensions are 21 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 24 inches high

And, they are $180 for the pair.

Just let me know if you are seriously wanting them. I will be selling them this weekend at the Melrose Trading Post (Sunday) so it would be good to know beforehand if you are going to buy them...

Feel free to email me at disregardener@gmail.com for more questions/details.


jessica nicole said...

Umm, and that was me under my husband's account. Oops :O)