03 May, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

ways to feel good about your
gardening self 

with a little bit of water, some proper soil &
sun you can grow these. even with an
amateur green thumb:


(it will seriously take over your 
yard if you don't plant it in it's own
pot or planting bed)





(this plant LOVES the sunshine. loves it)


these eight types of plants have been
the easiest for us to grow & maintain.
we started them at seed, but you can buy
them mature and transplant them to your own
pot or planting bed. it's honestly that simple.
it is helpful to have an 
organic pesticide handy for little
bugs that like to eat your herbs.

if you are thinking about starting your
own herb garden, or simple garden, 
you should start planting in the next few weeks.
spring is the best time for most plants
(although california does have pretty great weather
for us amateur gardeners)

mr. amazing and i transplanted 
our veggies 
(tomatoes, bell peppers 
& jalapenos, so far)
this past friday.
we are looking forward to 
planting some other kinds of
fruit and veggies in the next month or
so. in addition to painting the outside of the
house and landscaping the front.
i know. i know. 

i hope you have had a fabulous tuesday.
my day has consisted of getting my resale 
license, dba and business license. 
disregard{en} is finally
an official business! woo!!!


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John Coghlan said...

Great post Jessica. And I'm so excited that you now have an official business!