24 February, 2011


hello friends!
thursday is here.
how did that happen??

well, since it is thursday,
that means

here are a few pieces
i finished for last sunday's
flea market

here is
very lost

and now, so wonderfully 

(this photo isn't the greatest. you can't see details.
 it was pouring
rain the day i took it. stay tuned for 
better photos...)




sadly, marjorie is not for sale any longer.
she was quite popular at the flea 
market this last sunday.
but she did go to a beautiful couple. 
who we have now befriended.
i like flea markets. you meet great people.

gloria is still available.
i think she is actually going to be
adjusted a bit & made more into a desk.
i am going to take more photos of her
and list her on etsy when she is fully

and, flea market photos are on their way.
i apologize for the delay. but it will make
it that much more exciting to see them, right?
oh the anticipation.

speaking of anticipation.
disregard{en} has really started to
shape into my expectations (and more) this week.
thank you to all of you for your support,
encouragement and excitement.
it means the world to me.
i cannot wait to share with you 
some of the new opportunities.
and, of course, i cannot wait to share 
with you more of my new finds.

stay tuned for tomorrow's {free}day.
i might even post a second free find!

i hope you have an amazing thursday
dear friends.


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