25 February, 2011

my first flea market

i promised you i would show you
photos from this past sunday's
flea market
at the melrose trading post.

it was such an amazing experience.
and, for my first time, i did extremely well.
at this point i think i'll be selling
once a month.
maybe one day i'll have more hours
in the day and will be able to 
focus solely on disregard{en}.
but once a month is great for now.

okay, so back to photos...
 i was so privileged to have
my sweet friend jenny
help me set up and take photos
of my little shop. 
she is an amazing and creative friend
who is great at empowering
others to pursue their passion.
hence, her presence at the flea market.
i just love her. check her 
website out here.

okay okay, so the photos

these necklaces are my friend, jen's
she and her husband
sold some of their stuff alongside us.
check out their business here.

pretty much the best day ever.
well, not ever. but it was up there...

i am planning on selling again in march.
and, i will let you know details as soon as i
figure out when.

thank you to all who came out and supported me.
it meant so so much.
and for those of you who couldn't make it,
thank you for your support via
i feel so loved.

love to you all.


i am faye said...

Jessica I'm glad you sold some things! I wanted to come out to this but I was sick and stayed in. The pictures are lovely- you and your friend are so talented.

jessica nicole said...

no worries faye! i'll be selling there once a month, so you'll have plenty of opportunities :O) i'm glad you rested. that's SUPER important.