02 March, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

a day late.
but only because
yesterday was
full of a fun

disregard{en} was fortunate
enough to add beauty
to an event styling 
a new friend, wilmarose, 
is launching her amazing
business, lovely jubilee.
and a few disregard{en} pieces
are going to be featured
on lovely jubilee's website
and at the launch party!
yay for new friends!
thanks wilmarose for
the great experience 
and fun. you are spectacular. 

here are a few photos
of lovely jubilee and disregard{en}
combining their beauty.
{and, of course, shot in the poor man's gard[en]}

 i'll post a link to the main
photos, taken by chaz cruz, as soon as 
they are ready. i am positive
they will be whimsical and gorgeous.

and if you are free on march 12, 
and in the eagle rock area,
you should check out lovely jubilee's
launch party and pop-up shop.
it is going to be wonderful.
rsvp here.
(oh, and pieces from disregard{en}
will be there also...}

hope you had a lovely tuesday
and your wednesday is even better.

love you friends.

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