03 March, 2011

lost & found

hello friends!
thursday has arrived
and is almost gone...
so i thought i would 
get in 
lost and found
post before the day is done.


she was a bit forgotten 
and slightly 

and now, she is loved
and found

and remember
lady odette?

with so much potential

with such grand beauty

aren't they gorgeous?
i love them.
sadly, they both sold
at the melrose trading post
two weeks ago to a lovely 
couple who just moved out from
new york city.

but if you like either of these
pieces, you should stay tuned
and check disregard{en} out
at the melrose trading post
the last weekend of march.
(details to come)
we'll be selling some great pieces.
and for those who cannot make the flea market, 
no worries. i'll be featuring
new pieces every week on the 
blog. so check back!

hope you enjoyed your 
wonderful thursday.
my day was full of sunshine,
cappuccinos, friends, food &
some new finds!

see you tomorrow for [free]day.



Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE the detail paint/stain work on maggie! Can you show me how do to that??! :)

Everything you do looks so beautiful!!!!! :)))

i am faye said...




jessica nicole said...

jackie: maggie's finish is a combination of paint & stain. but, she is also decently worn in and already had some dirt that i just smeared in more :O) haha. but we can definitely replicate something like it. let's find you some fun pieces to work on! you're welcome to come over to my house while i work away. it may not be too exciting but if you want to learn while i learn, you're more than welcome to!

faye: thanks!! i love them, too! hope you're well friend!