11 February, 2011


oh, it's just another 
beautiful and sunny
no big deal.

i only have a bazillion
pieces stashed in the garage
and shed. 
some of them are already in process
of redemption.
some haven't been touched.

but i thought i'd share 
two great ones today.

madame flora


miss viola

they are both divine.
i pretty much want 
to keep them.
but i can't keep doing that.
because then my house will be
overflowing. oh, wait, it already is...
don't worry. they'll be available 
for purchase 
at the flea market.
{details to come this next week}

have an amazing weekend friends!!!
i will be busy painting and sewing
away in preparation for the flea market in
about a week. oh dear.


ps: a big thank you to beautiful lindsay
for madame flora. lindsay is a fellow
artist. check her stuff out here.
her stuff is great!

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