15 February, 2011

disregard{en} @ the flea market!

i am SO excited to 
invite you
to visit me in west hollywood
this coming sunday, february 20th
at the 
melrose trading post
from 9:00am-5:00pm.

it is a great flea market in los angeles.
full of handmade items, antiques, collectibles 
music and food.
the best part, okay besides the fact that i will
be there, is the fact that
the flea market was created
to support Fairfax High School 
arts department. 
the money raised 
(mostly from renting spots to the vendors)
goes toward activities and
purchases not covered in the school's budget.
seriously amazing. 
you can check out more information
about the melrose trading post here.

and, and, and, 
if you are thinking about stopping by
this sunday, february 20th from 9am-5pm,
print this coupon out. click here.
you get $1 off admission. 
then, it only costs you $1 to get in
(and, there is free parking).
more money to spend while 
finding treasures.

i will be selling
the items i have been featuring
the last few months.
like these and this and this.
and plenty more.

i would LOVE to see you all there
if you are in town.
it is going to be my very first
time selling at the flea market and 
i am super excited. 
it will be a beautiful sunday.
especially if you visit me.
{oh, and we will be selling
with our friends.
they are such a creative couple.
you'll love their items, too)

have a great week friends!
see you on sunday.


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