15 February, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

this week has been 
devoted to
the flea market
{which is this 
upcoming sunday}
but i thought i would
share some photos
of the progress
of our little garden.

last week, mr. amazing
strung wire from the 
edge of the roof to the ground.
this way we can train the small
trees/bushes along our garage
to group up the wire.
it is a much cheaper version
of lattice. just more work.
ask mr. amazing...

here is what the side
of our garage looks like now.

just for fun i thought i would
show you what it looked like 
six months ago.

they went crazy!
i can't wait until the plants
are covering the entire side
of our garage. 

keep in mind we are painting
the outside of the house/garage
sometime this spring. that will definitely

oh, and here are a few photos
of some of the plants we will
be planting in the front yard.
once we prepare the soil...

i cannot wait until spring
finally arrives and it warms up.
but for now, i can enjoy the rain.

hope you are enjoying your tuesday 

for those of you who can make it,
i am looking forward to seeing you 
this sunday!


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